turkeys in the road

I came across these forgotten images today and thought I would share them with you all.

 I carry my little point and shoot camera in my bag, almost everywhere I go.  About a month ago I was driving somewhere and out of the woods ran a pack of wild turkeys.  I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots through the car window.  The quality isn’t that great, but I love being able to capture  unexpected moments like this.

turkeys crossing the road

turkeys crossing the road





And away they go.

The thing that strikes me about these photos, is how much in a month things have changed since spring arrived and greened up everything.

See ya later, bye


diggin in the dirt

This weekend was diggin’ in the dirt weekend.

We are so far behind in our vegetable planting this year.  Winter that just would not let go and personal demands kept us from the soil.  Mr. Cottage and I were anxious to get out and get to work.

A new tiller was purchased.

new tiller makes quick work of it

new tiller chug chugging away

Beautiful soil just waiting for me to get my hands in.

Seeds of hope.



Furry help.

Betsy says wait for me I want to help

Betsy says wait for me I want to help

Sunday has been cool and damp.  I dodged raindrops and planted as much as I could until I was chased in-doors.

3 rows of lettuce

3 rows of lettuce

2 long rows of sunflowers and zinnas

sunflowers and zinna's

sunflowers and zinna’s

Are you wondering about the toilet paper yet?  I read somewhere recently, but I can’t remember where, about using tp to mark your rows.  Put the paper in place, dampen with a mister bottle, add seeds according to directions  then mist again, cover.  It was a little more time-consuming but it made a big difference in being able to see the seeds and keep the spacing as they should be.  I’m a believer!

If it was good enough for my grandmother then it is good enough for me.

marigolds planted around the tomato

marigolds planted around the tomato

I read a lot of debate as to whether planting marigolds around tomato plants help keep harmful insects away or if they attract them.  But like I said my grandmother did it, she was old school farm lady, and she was successful at it.

A hearty country breakfast made with left-overs, gave us energy.

A left-over baked potato and a couple of pieces of left-over ham.  A handful of eggs, and milk.  A sprinkle of cayenne and a handful of cheddar.  The top was sprinkled with parmesan.   I had one sheet of puff pastry left in the freezer.  That was placed on the bottom of an 8×8 baking dish followed by the potatoes and ham topped with the egg and milk mixture and a little cheese.  Baked for about 35 minutes – a quick and hearty meal.


Berries with a sprinkle of cinnamon and raw sugar

Sbreakfast berries-001


Hope you all had a good weekend.

See ya later, bye


lighten up a bit

lately I've been feeling like an old dino

lately I’ve been feeling like an old dinosaur

Hi Y’all

Let me introduce myself and my new blog.

I’ve blogged here at WordPress for a few years, under my business name.

But now, I am going to let it all hang out.

Have you ever been to a party that you felt you stayed at too long?  Well that is how I was feeling about parts of my life and my old blog.  There were some things that needed to be changed and after long and careful consideration I felt it was time to reinvent some things that were not working in my life.  So here I am with a new blog and new beginnings.  I hope that you will join me on this journey wherever it may lead.

So what am I going to blog about?  I dunno.  My game plan isn’t set in stone.  But I’m thinking there will be days that I write about gardening, and cooking and crafting with lots of photos, because that is my passion.   I must say I am not a professional and I don’t alter my photos – no Photoshop here.  They are simple and natural, just like my cooking and me.

A few months ago for kicks I went with a group of ladies for a day filled with astrologers and readers and healers and all kinds of wacky new age people.  I spent time with three different readers in three separate rooms ( so they couldn’t over hear what was being said).  The skeptic in me showed up for the day, however I was amazed that I was told  by all three of these people  – in not so many words that I needed to lighten up a bit and to believe in myself more and to be in touch with that crazy artist inside me.  This is something that I believe they all accurately spoke of.

I’m a traditionalist and  I am a bit old-fashioned.  But I am also the crazy lady living in the coral cottage with purple trim in the middle of conservative country.

I like to color outside the lines – especially with purple.

 I like to drink tea at three and margaritas at five.

Now I’m getting old, I don’t go to church and I don’t wear underwear.

If you know what song that line came from, then you know me.

See ya later, bye