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wearing curtains

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

I’m teaching myself how to sew.  I have a stash of old fabric and clothing that I am repurposing into other useable objects.

  I should tell you I don’t follow directions and I don’t use patterns and no, I’ve never had a lesson.

    Any of y’all out there old enough to laugh with me on this.  Remember the classic Carol Burnett show –  the episode where she is doing a spoof on Scarlett O’Hara – to make a dress  she wraps the drapes around her – pole and all?  I still laugh uproariously when I think about that episode.

apron made from my kitchen curtains

apron made from my kitchen curtains

Yes indeed, this flamingo fabric used to hang at my kitchen window.

I’m an apron wearing gal.  I think I got that from my grandmother.  I wear one when I am in the kitchen and while gardening, and working in the studio. No, I don’t play naughty maid dress-up.

Also from the recycle/ repurpose bin, this crazy wild print came from an old blouse that my mother made many years ago.  I cut up the fabric and repurposed it into an apron.

short apron

half apron

and because everybody should have a purse to match their apron


I’m off to see what other projects I can get into.

See ya later, bye


7 thoughts on “wearing curtains

  1. Veiled Purl says:

    This is so amazing! Great job 🙂

    ~The Veiled Purl @


    1. Coral Cottage Kim says:

      Ah thanks for the vote of confidence.


  2. says:

    I loved the fabric on your flamingo apron but I hadda laff when you said everyone needed a purse to match their apron.


    1. Coral Cottage Kim says:

      It is rather laughable isn’t it, especially since I am the last person in this world worried about fashion! Thanks for stopping in.


      1. says:

        Fashion ain’t my thang, either. I’m not even big on spending much money on clothes. Just recently bought 4 new pairs of canvas flats for gardening but ONLY because they were on sale. Would rather have plants than clothes.


  3. Still giggling! And your sewing looks great to me!


    1. you must be giggling over Carol and the curtains with the rod in them!


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