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dirt glorious dirt

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

Here at Coral Cottage we spent the entire weekend digging in the dirt.   Some of it was good, some not so much.

Mr. Cottage tilled up additional garden space.


Mr. Cottage tilling away

Mr. Cottae tilling more space

In addition to more tomatos, and peppers, I put in seeds for sugar snap peas, wow my mouth waters at the prospect of going out and picking fresh sugar snaps!  For the first time, I put in Swiss Chard, a variety called flamingo, just because I love the name.  Hopefully mine will look this good.

swiss chard - flamingo

swiss chard – flamingo

these too for the name – purple tomatillo – the seeds were a serious pain in the you know what to deal with.

purple tomatillo

In keeping with my companion planting, I sowed nasturtium seeds around my cucumbers. I love the pepper smell and taste of nasturtiums.  The flowers are a beautiful bonus.

A section out on the north 40 was started for the corn field – we will plant corn later in the week.

future sight of corn field

future sight of corn field

The lettuce I planted last week is making an appearance.

hoo-ray lettuce

hoo-ray for the lettuce remember the toilet paper from last week?

The cats have been enjoying digging in the fresh dirt and I’m glad to not have to empty the litter box as often.


As for the bad part of digging in the dirt, Mr. Cottage had to deal with that on his own.

We had a water leak out by the studio.  A couple hundred dollars and several hours of digging and he got the job done.


the dirt pile just keeps getting bigger



We harvested the first of the spinach that was planted last month – most excellent.



Several tasty salads were enjoyed this week.  Tomorrow I think I will make braised spinach with onions and cranberries.

Hope your weekend was amazing.

See ya later, bye


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  1. says:

    It’s just too bad that the flamingo in Photo # 9 didn’t lend Mr. Cottage a hand with all that digging. 🙂


    1. The flamingo was supervising and you know how that goes.


  2. Haha yeah, never trust a flamingo…


    1. Something suspicious about those plastic creatures! Glad you found my new blog. xxook


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