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blue happiness

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Seems fitting to share my happy little bird bliss on this mother’s day.  What could be more appropriate than watching a pair of blue birds build their nest in anticipation of their upcoming parenthood.

My dad is quite the bird house builder.  I’m quite the birdhouse lover.  Everything works out perfectly.

I hung this flashy green model just the other weekend.  Mr. Cottage spied, much to our happy surprise  a very nice young couple move in this week.

Mr. Cottage named them Fred and Ethel Mertz-bluebird

Here is Fred

1-IMG_0706 1-IMG_0707 1-IMG_0719 1-IMG_0720



Fred is quite the talker, he has a lot to say.  See how I manage to catch him with his mouth open.   Fred has become quite comfortable with me and my camera, Ethel not so much.

She stuffs her mouth full of twigs and such, she cracks me up.  They each take turns placing the nest building material inside the box.  Fred then brings back out a few pieces at a time and places it on top of the box.  Then he appears to be weaving the pieces together and then places them back inside the box.

1-IMG_1039 1-IMG_1073 1-IMG_1074 1-IMG_1075 1-IMG_1076 1-IMG_1079 1-IMG_1080 1-IMG_1081 1-IMG_1084


It is truly amazing to watch these two in action.

Hope you all have a fabulous week.

More photos will be available on my photography web page.

See ya later, Bye!


A special hello and thank you to those of you that stopped by this week for the first time for a quick read, a like or a follow of my blog.

Mighty Mama




5 thoughts on “blue happiness

  1. Winter Owls says:

    What beautiful birds! I’ve never seen a blue bird before, I love how you have captured the birds hovering in the air, amazing!


  2. says:

    Great photos, Kim!


    1. AHH THANKS, i had a good subject


  3. The birds are not the only amazing thing- your photography is unbelievable! I felt like I was right there watching the whole thing! Loved it! Wow! two homes and two blogs! How do you do it? Congratulations on your beautiful new blog Kim. =)


  4. artsychicksw says:

    Oh, how I adore bluebirds!! And you have taken such magnificent photos of Fred and Ethel! I love the ones of them in flight and with the nesting materials. I’m very impressed with your photography…here it has really captured the story of these two settling in to welcome their babies. We don’t have bluebirds on our land, but do have three of four different woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, yellow finches, tufted titmouse, house wrens and sometimes red breasted robins and hummingbirds. My mother lives in a care facility about 20 miles from here and they have just brought several peacocks to live in their courtyards! Next time I visit I’ll try to remember my camera so I can share them on my blog. Peace to your heart


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