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A couple of months ago Mr. Cottage dug through our  scrap copper pile and came up with the idea to make a trellis for one of our clematis plants that was sprawling all over where it shouldn’t.


He played around with a couple of different designs and then he got to work soldering everything in place.

1-IMG_9772 1-IMG_9769 1-IMG_9766 1-IMG_9725

He used silver solder, even though it is quite a bit more expensive; because he says that the silver is a lot stronger and he felt it would hold up better over time.

Putting the finished design in place.

1-IMG_9790 1-IMG_9789 1-IMG_9788

Not bad for his first attempt – don’t you think?

We call it the StarTrek Trellis.

Then the wait for the clematis to grow and take a hold on the trellis.  Little by little, it climbed on up and buds started forming and finally… TAA DAA

The clematis has sprawled all over the trellis and has reached the top.

1-IMG_6408 1-IMG_6395 1-IMG_6390 1-IMG_6388 1-IMG_6383 1-IMG_6378

Hoo-ray for crafty husbands!

See you later, Bye


12 thoughts on “Mr. Cottage gets crafty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice!!!!


  2. Beautiful!!! 🙂


  3. says:

    Totally kewl looking. He’s a good designer, too.


    1. I think I’ll keep him. 🙂


  4. artsychicksw says:

    Way to go, Mr. Cottage! Beautiful trellis…how great to use the copper as it should weather beautifully and give you some patina over the years. And gorgeous flowers, too. You’re in my thoughts, Mrs. Cottage.
    p.s. love the bird and flower background on this blog!


    1. The patina on the copper will surely add another layer of love. Anything with a bird and I’m all over it. Hugs to you Sara. xok


  5. Caroline says:

    Love this! We (mostly hubby) made some raised garden beds using vinyl shutters to plant a few vegetables and herbs in. 🙂


    1. That sounds charming – photos please. I’ve been wishing for raised beds too, in the form of old livestock feeding tanks. I’ll keep working on that fantasy!


  6. Winter Owls says:

    It looks wonderful Kim, copper is beautiful as it gets that lovely green patina and the clematis seems to love it too!


    1. Yes, it all seems like a win win. We got to use old copper that was piling up and I love watching Mr. Cottage create something – I now have a list of things I want him to make. The clematis is no-longer sprawling all over the ground and is blooming a big thank you to us in appreciation.


  7. That is awesome! I love the angles as a backdrop to the flowers.


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