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I like it when my friends send me special little notes with ideas or projects they have been working on.  Here are a few things they shared with me recently that brought a smile to my face.

This first project isn’t an up-cycled project, but it is awfully cute.

Crab cupcake from my friend Karen – she said she thought of me when she came across this.


My gosh these are adorable.  Recipe and instructions here.

 A great recycling project.

  I have been wanting to put in some raised flower beds for a while now.  When my friend shared this project  that she and her husband have been working on, I was smitten.


Caroline and Phil went to a local Habit store and purchased these shutters for next to nothing.  Phil braced the shutters with wood  and metal brackets for strength and durability.  Awesome recycling idea.

Not recycled,  but do you like easy fast baking?  My friend, Peace girl, sent this recipe to me, after my disaster in the kitchen making a cherry crisp for my dad for father’s day.  We won’t go into that.

I rarely cook with processed/packaged foods – not my style.  However, this is so easy peasy even I could do it.

Dump Cake

Pour 1 can cherry pie filling and 1 can crushed pineapple in a 9×13 pan (no need to grease) Mix well. Next-sprinkle a box of yellow cake mix over the top. (Yes dry cake mix) Next-melt a stick and a half of butter and pour over the top. Bake 350 ’til browned 35-45 mins.

Yep, I’m going to give it a try – every now and again, I like to walk on the wild side.

Here is an up-cycled project I recently completed.  Not sure what I was thinking but I didn’t take any photos of the process.

I made this tote bag from an old skirt that I purchased at a Goodwill store.

1-IMG_3118 1-IMG_3121

The white fabric is a vintage table cloth I have had for twenty years.  It was torn and horribly stained, so I just cut around that and used the salvageable parts.  The pom-pom fringe is vintage as is the blue yarn daisy and the blue ribbon.  The center green and blue fabric I cut from new fabric that I am using to make curtains for my living room.

My new go everywhere tote.

Hope y’all are working on some fun projects.

See you later, Bye!


10 thoughts on “up-cycled projects, raised beds dumped cakes skirts in the bag

  1. I love them ALL! 🙂


    1. Thank you! 🙂


  2. Love your tote bag! The cupcakes look delicious also!


    1. Hey Eleanor – hope you and yours are well. I love that fabric on that bag, when I saw the skirt I knew I had to buy it. I didn’t know what I was going to make, I just had to have it. Cupcakes are adorable.


  3. artsychicksw says:

    The tote bag is wonderful! Great fabric and you put everything together so well. You are so multi-talented! Gardening, photography, glasswork, sewing, baking…the list seems to go on and on. You go, girl! Also, how are you feeling these days? Peace to your heart, Sara


    1. Very generous words Sara. I’ve just started to teach myself to sew, like my other crafts, I just kind of muddle along, right or wrong. My mother sewed, and I always hated it as a kid, so it is rather ironic that I find it very relaxing now. I feel just fine – had my check up with my doctor this week and I don’t have to go back until 6 months. Celebrating the little victories. xoxok


  4. Winter Owls says:

    Your tote bag is so clever and it’s gorgeous too! I love the trimmings you’ve used especially the pom poms. 🙂


    1. Love those too, they came from my mom’s stash, so they are extra special to me.


  5. Caroline says:

    Love everything and thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you – I was actually just thinking about you and was going to send a message to you. Hope you are well.


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