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vintage sparkle

I’ve been commissioned to create a necklace using all vintage pieces.  Though I have walked away for a while, from my art and creating to sell, I did accept this challenge.   I call it a challenge because, I’ve enjoyed not having the pressure on me to make and sell. I explained to the woman… Continue reading vintage sparkle


the next day I turned the smoker into a planter

Ok – do you know the difference between a gratin and a casserole? I had to look it up because I wasn’t sure if it was just some snooty word that meant casserole.  Turns out there is a difference.  Casserole is a recipe that you  bake all in one dish which may or may not… Continue reading the next day I turned the smoker into a planter


the red headed beauty

Beauty can be so elusive. Last winter I tried repeatedly, without success, to capture the red bellied woodpecker that graced our bird feeders on a regular schedule. To quote the Scarecrow from the Wizard of OZ, ” Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!” I finally caught him/her on the feeder at the front porch. Not to confuse… Continue reading the red headed beauty

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silly in the shade

Our Rose of Sharon trees are in full bloom. Hibiscus syriacus is a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae, native to much of Asia.  Common names include Rose of Sharon, in North America, rose mallow in the UK and St. Joseph’s rod in Italy. The bees and the humming birds are attracted to… Continue reading silly in the shade

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Dragonfly fever

Hi Y’all mermaid Kim here posting from Coral Cottage South. The strangest things happen at parties.  Ok maybe I should say the strangest things happen to me at parties.  Several years ago, Mr. Cottage and I went to a pool party hosted by the owner of a store that sold my art-work.  When we arrived… Continue reading Dragonfly fever


freedom flyers

This is the third  summer we have hosted the same Phoebe family.  They have built a lovely condo for themselves up in the corner of our front porch roof. I took these photos through the glass of my front storm door.  The smudges on the glass are from me pressing my face against it trying to get… Continue reading freedom flyers