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silly in the shade

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

purple rose of sharon

purple Rose of Sharon

Our Rose of Sharon trees are in full bloom.

Hibiscus syriacus is a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae, native to much of Asia.  Common names include Rose of Sharon, in North America, rose mallow in the UK and St. Joseph’s rod in Italy.


The bees and the humming birds are attracted to them.

 They aren’t alone.

From a distance, I spy That Cat laying in the shade from the Rose of Sharon.  Spent flowers all around him look like purple cigars.



He turns and spies me.


1-IMG_5361 1-IMG_5363

And then plops down at my feet.


Cause my feet are the perfect place for a cat to lean on and take care of business.


To make sure I don’t go anywhere he rolls on both feet.

Pure silliness.


What a big smile!


Hope y’all have found some time for silly in the shade.

See you later, Bye


9 thoughts on “silly in the shade

  1. says:

    Loved this post — find some time for silly in the shade. When you go back and forth between the mermaid cottages, do you take the cat/cats. Where’s the gray cat in the top pictures? Did you get my email?


    1. Yes, I got your email – thank you I will reply.

      The gray cat at the top of my header is my old man – Henry – handsome Henry as he is called. He is up there in years and will soon be leaving this world I love him so and it will be a hard day indeed when his time comes.

      TC (That Cat, Tripod Cat, Travel Cat, Trouble Cat, Tuna Cat and more) – in this blog travels with us when we go back and forth. He rides shot-gun in the front between the two of us, if not on my lap – it is a long trip – at least 16 hours we drive straight down in one day. TC has his own travel equipment, litter box, bowls, pillows, blankets and toys.He is a special needs cat – has three legs and gets beat up by one of my other cats – they can not be left alone. I have the greatest pet sitter that comes to the house and stays with the babies when I am not here. I think they like it better when she is here because she spoils them rotten and lets them get away with things I don’t.
      One day I am going to write a book about TC’s life and travels.


      1. says:

        As I understand it, we now have more cat than dog owners so The Adventures of Tripod Cat should become a famous bestseller!


  2. Sara Windsor says:

    Kim, first of all, that first photo is absolutely gorgeous! I’m pinning it to my “Photographs” board where it will live with some of your other photos. Secondly, what an awesome cat you have! While we do have two cats, I’m not your typical cat person. One of our cats is really more like a dog…coming to us to be pet, lounging in my lap, riding around on the seat of my walker, coming when you call her,etc. We love her a lot. Her sister is a typical cat…aloof, standoffish, skittish. She tolerates us picking her up every once in a blue moon. Odd, since they are from the same litter…but kids can be that way, too, so different from each other. Your cat is obviously very playful and interactive…just my kind of cat!


    1. Sara first, what an honor to have my photos pinned – that kinda tickles me in a good way.
      TC is an awesome cat, especially since he has had a remarkable life so far. He is a feral rescue cat with three legs. I told Linda over at Souther Rural Route, someday I think I will write a book about his life and travels. There is something very special about this cat – no kidding. It has been a very long almost 5 years since he became part of our family. He was so very wild and it took a long long time to socialize him both with us humans and with our other cats – actually it is still a work in progress. I have worked with other feral cats, but honestly he is the only cat that has truly scared me. He is extremely smart and has a very extensive vocabulary he understands. He travels with us to our home in Fl – where he prefers to be, because he is the only cat there and lives large as the king of the hill. All of our cats have had great personalities and have always been very much involved in what is going on. I have heard of those aloof cats, but never had one. We lost Joey last year, he came the closest, but we said he was very INDEPENDENT – but lovable. We had Sallyanne, Charles always called her a kittydog, because she would come running and wag her tail like a dog. You are so right though about siblings being so different.
      Did you get the message I left for you on Etsy?


  3. My dog likes to roll over onto my feet, and then of course I can’t possibly go anywhere. Because it would disturb him. : )


    1. They are clever that way, aren’t they. If I pretend that I don’t like it, Charles always says “now you know you love their attention.”


  4. Winter Owls says:

    Adorable cat Kim and such a pretty colour, he looks almost drunk on happiness!


    1. I rather like that, drunk on happiness. 🙂


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