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I’ve been commissioned to create a necklace using all vintage pieces.  Though I have walked away for a while, from my art and creating to sell, I did accept this challenge.   I call it a challenge because, I’ve enjoyed not having the pressure on me to make and sell.

I explained to the woman who hired me, that I was taking time away from my craft and it might be awhile.  She was okay with that.

I was however, motivated to go shopping for the pieces that I would need to make the necklace.  My friend and I made several trips to local junk shops and the Goodwill to find just the right pieces.

 The hunt is most of the fun for me.

Sometimes, it is hard to walk away from all the shiny bling.

 I’ve been caught in the web which vintage rhinestone jewelry can cast.

I’m part raven, or magpie.  I love shiny sparkly things.

Here are a few photos of SOME of the pieces I purchased.

I may have gone overboard.

1-IMG_7823 1-IMG_7828 1-IMG_7829 1-IMG_7831 1-IMG_7834 1-IMG_7845 1-IMG_7847 1-IMG_7850 1-IMG_7851

I’ve played around with several different designs, but nothing has come to me just yet.  I have to allow the process to speak to me.

I look up from the table where I have been photographing the sparkle.


I get lost in another world of shiny sparkly  – wings.


Have a good weekend.

See you later, Bye.


15 thoughts on “vintage sparkle

  1. artsychicksw says:

    Kim, Congrats on your commission! It’s great that you can take your time with it so that you will enjoy the process. You have chosen some lovely pieces to work with…I love the rhinestone piece at the top. I have several rhinestone pieces as well…they do really draw you in, don’t they?
    I, too, received a commission from a friend of mine from high school (we have been planning our 30th h.s. reunion which is next weekend). I will be making three for each of her daughters. They are memory necklaces of their dad who died several years ago. She saw one I made myself of my dad, using one of his old watch faces as the base pendant then special charms/pieces of his hanging from it. She found a watch of her husbands for each of her daughters and a few special pieces. I’m really looking forward to creating them for her…it’s my favorite kind of work to do.
    Yea for us! Peace to your heart, Sara


    1. Sara, I’m so excited for you about those pieces. I do hope that you will share photos and details, you are so good at that.
      I’m still struggling with my creative side, she wants to be a rebel and not do as she is supposed to.


      1. artsychicksw says:

        Kim, sometimes our creativity needs a break in order to grow, so go ahead and rebel! Remember, I have been taking a break from creating jewelry for much longer than I initially intended to, so you are not alone! Peace….


      2. I’ve actually been at peace with being away from the process, but knowing I have to do something makes me feel antsy, even though I told her it would be awhile. So glad when I hear a kindred spirit acknowledge their understanding.


  2. Ooooh, shiny! I would have gone overboard too! It ‘s nice that you can take your time with this piece, and let it speak to you. Enjoy!


    1. I feel obligated to make something soon, but I’m just not feeling it. Sigh, the creative process is such a journey sometimes, and that is really hard to explain to folks that don’t create. I know you know what I mean. xok


  3. says:

    Kim – Magpie, raven? No way! Every respectable mermaid needs some extra bling. Especially colors that don’t show up on her fin. My mother died New Year’s Eve and had a jewelry box full of rhinestone bling. We went through it, admired it, and put it back in the jewelry box. We can’t seem to part with it and it probably doesn’t have a lot of value, anyway.


    1. I do wear those shiny baubles on my mermaid parts! LOL
      You can’t put a value on sentiment. I’m a pathetic sentimental sop and manage to get that way about the most ridiculous items. I’m sorry for your loss, and hope that a look in the jewelry box every now and again brings you a pleasant memory.


      1. says:

        One of these days, we want to see your mermaid parts.


  4. Debra says:

    I’m actually drooling over that jewelry…can’t wait to see what you create!


    1. Aren’t they yummy. I am going to have a hard time letting some of them go. I’ve already pulled one aside for myself, it is a bee with clear stones on the wings.


  5. Winter Owls says:

    Be still my beating heart! Oh what fun you will have planning this, it could spark off a whole new creative passion for you. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have you seen those amazing bridal bouquets made from vintage jewellery? I have a collection that I just like to play with, some came from my grandmother’s which is special and some I found thrifting. What I’d really love to collect is some enamel flower pins…..


    1. I know that sparkle really is intoxicating. I have seen those bridal bouquets, I could see me doing that if I was young and getting married. I saw a christmas tree made from old vintage pins in one of the thrift shops. It was mounted on black velvet fabric and all the amazing colors popped, it was very cool. xo


  6. Sarah says:

    I love all that vintage sparkle hope it soon brings you the inspiration you are looking for. Thank you for your lovely comment. Sorry for my lack of comments lately somehow I wasn’t getting regular updates. It seems to be working now!
    Sarah x


    1. Thanks for popping in Sarah. I so look forward to your posts!


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