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retro re-do

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

From a box lot purchased at auction came the ugliest lamp ever.

The ugliest lamp - before

The ugliest lamp – before

Or so I thought.

I was going to give it to a friend that I thought would appreciate the design as it was.

 But then I started envisioning a little face lift.  One thing led to another.

It has been so blasted hot and humid here.  The mosquitos are horrid from all the rain we have been having.  It was time for some indoor projects.  But it was hot in the house too.  Mr. Cottage and I each set out to work on some DIY projects for our main living room – or great-room.

Back to the face lift for the lamp.


ceramic base with teak wood

ceramic base with teak wood

The teak wood was looking a little tired, but after a couple of applications of Old English, better.


I used spray adhesive to cover the shade in an inexpensive, fun aqua and white polka-dot utility fabric.


After the adhesive dried, I then glued a green beaded fringe tassel trim.  I pinned the trim in place until the glue had dried.  The trim was the most expensive part of the entire project.

Not pictured, but after the trim dried, I then glued a coordinating trim on the inside to cover the raw edges of  the fabric.

While I waited for all that glue to dry, I finished sewing curtains for the great room, a project I started a couple of months ago.


New curtains and a face-lift for a tired old ugly lamp.  Not bad, for a weekend project.

Whilst I was working on these, Mr. Cottage was busy with his project.


Do you know what it is?


Yep, we got AC.  This is called a mini-split.  It will also heat the room in the cold months.  These units are great for homes such as ours that are older and don’t have room for duct-work.

For now, that completes our great-room make over.

See you later, Bye!


12 thoughts on “retro re-do

  1. The lamp is gorgeous! The great room looks very relaxing. The best thing is you have air conditioning! Couldn’t live without it.


    1. Hi Eleanor, thanks for popping by and commenting. Feels good to get some projects done and the ac feels great. We had a system just like this, only smaller. It went on the fritz. When Charles has the time, he will repair it and put it in another room in the house….


  2. says:

    The lamp is much improved but I really like the fused glass windmill/flower thingies.


    1. I think I should have the same face lift as that lamp! I’m really feeling in need today.
      Are you going to ask me where I got the metal stakes for those too? LOL – I’ve been digging through my stash looking for spares to send to you, but haven’t found any yet…


      1. says:

        Naw, I didn’t even think of the stakes. I was just admiring your artwork.


  3. LubbyGirl says:

    oh my – I never heard of that type of air conditioner; we could use that too, as our house is old and feels like it has never been formally introduced to insulation (just moved in this week). Where do you find those?? (love that mirror, by the way!)


    1. Thanks for popping in LubbyGirl – like your sewing projects. My husband owns a heating and cooling contracting business, he installs these mini-splits. The brand we have is made by Mitsubishi a local HVAC contractor should know all about them. They are great, but not inexpensive. I love that mirror too, we purchased it several years ago while on vacation, it has hung in many different spots over the years. Good luck and happy wishes for your new home.


      1. LubbyGirl says:

        thanks so much! now I will HAVE to look into that AC unit, as soon as we get somewhat settled and take a closer look at the budget. moving is expensive!!!


  4. artsychicksw says:

    How great to have AC, right?! So happy for you…and you’ll love the heat in the winter, too. I love your curtains and the remade lamp…way to go, miss creative! You’ve done a really nice job with your great room and it’s very inviting. Time to take a rest and enjoy before starting on your next project. Peace to your heart


    1. AC is a must for a hormonal 50 year old woman.
      New projects started today. Thanks for all your kind support. xoxok


      1. artsychicksw says:

        I’ll look forward to seeing the results of your new projects!


  5. Debra says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous lamp re-do! You made it looks so easy-I can see myself getting the fabric all wrinkled up…
    It’s been horribly hot and humid here too-but something happened and now it’s cooler. Hope it lasts till winter! I love the idea of a ac/heater all in one. Still waiting to see your jewelry re-make project….
    Love, Debra


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