this is the universe speaking – did you get my message


First off let’s just say that Rocky may be taking a little vacation further out to the country.

Last night he figured out how to open the locked cat door.

Yes indeed, he made himself right at home.

He ate every single morsel of cat food in the house.

 Not a crumb was left.

 My father has a live trap.

I understand there is a lovely plot of land with beautiful vistas, a creek for a cool drink, and maybe a female looking for companionship.

Briefly I entertained the idea of a raccoon for a pet.

I came to my senses.

Yesterday I met with my neurologist.  I received very good news from the MRI I had on my brain last week.  No tumors no blood clots – a normal healthy brain.

I left the doctor’s office  very angry.

 I know I should have been happy with the good news, but instead I was angry.

No, we really don’t have any answers.

No, I can’t resume normal activities.

No, I can’t go off meds.

Here’s the big one.

No I can’t drive.

I really dislike all the no’s.   But I especially want my independence.

I want to drive, I want to be able to get in my car, by myself and go somewhere – anywhere.

The doctor says it isn’t safe for me to drive.

Then I received a phone call.

My sister had been in an accident.

She is okay.

Her beloved Lexus – totaled.

The driver that hit her told the police she had just left her doctor’s office and that she was taking medicine that caused her to black out and hit my sister car.


Well that just puts it into perspective doesn’t it?

My friend keeps telling me that the universe is sending me signs and I need to pay attention.

I got the message.

Some people say those are messages from God, or Angels, or a Higher Power.

 I use the term Universe because that is what I am comfortable with.

Have you felt there have been times in your life that you received messages that needed your attention?  Did you respond?  Did you have to receive the message a few times until you got it?

See you later, Bye!


masked intruder

Early this morning, my eyes opened, Tripod cat sat up in the bed beside me and let out a loud bellow.  EEEWWW skunk!

 My first thought was OMG a skunk has gotten in the house and sprayed.  It brought back horrible memories of years past when that very  incident occurred.

Fortunately, the skunk sprayed outside the house this time.

Present day –  we have been having midnight house raids.  I became suspicious when the cat food levels were decreasing at excessive speed.  Then there were the funny little hand prints that were smudged on the outside of the window.  Someone was looking in the window in the night.

Rocky raccoon has been coming in the cat door at night and eating all the cat food.  I think he might have been making himself at home in the recliner, and watching a little tv too.

  I set up the night camera in the house and caught the daring masked intruder in action.  However. I accidentally deleted the photos with the proof.

Or perhaps Rocky, came in and did it himself.

Now the house has to go on lock down for the night and I have to say that doesn’t go over so well with the cats that come 52 times during the night.  If you have cats you know, they always wish to be on the opposite side of the door that they are currently on.


This is the cat’s tiki porch with cat door in center.


That is Rocky up on the porch discovering the door is locked and he can’t get in.

Night after night he keeps trying.


Handsome fellow, isn’t he.

See you later, Bye!


the visitor

Monday I entertained an unexpected visitor.

In the night the visitor wandered upon our place and decided to stay the day.


I’m partial to basset hounds.  However, our cat Mr. Bonez, not so much.  It was his duty to keep the visitor in line.

He was wearing a collar that had a phone number.  A call was made.


He was such a good guest.  He got along with our beagle, and ignored the cats.


He didn’t make a mess.

Ate all his food put on his plate.

And then went home at the end of the day.

I’m actually somewhat sad that we were able to reunite him with his family.


He didn’t want to go home either.   He said can I pleeeeaaaaasssee stay.

I hope I will be as good a guest myself.

I have a reservation tonight to check into our local hospital.   It should be a brief visit and hopefully some answers will be found.

See you later, Bye!



A few simple weekend pleasures here at Coral Cottage.

Making homemade granola, recipe from Staci over at Life at Cobble Hill Farm  reading her farm blog and recipes are like taking a trip to the farm.  It makes me happy.  She has a nice recipe blog too.

Recipe Here.

Mixing Pumpkin Spice Granola

Mixing Pumpkin Spice Granola

Watching a Titmouse







Collecting dried chives from the garden for the seeds


Watching the ferocious attack by That Cat to a blade of grass.




A gathering of gourds for our table.


Tomorrow that Acorn squash will be our dinner.

A colorful cluck of silly birds.

Scan 132800010-1 Scan 132800010

Thank you to Jen at Winter Owls for encouraging me to use creativity to work through the tough stuff.

Thank you to those folks that popped by this week to read the blog.

I hope you all had a weekend full of simple pleasures.

See you later, Bye!


what does the woolly bear say

I’ve heard woolly bear caterpillar winter weather predictions, for as long as I can remember.

I’ve heard tales like, the more black, the harder the winter will be, and if you see them crossing the road the winter will be hard.

Even if you don’t believe, I think there is something about folklore that just kinda warms the heart, don’t you think?

I have to admit though that until today, I never bothered to find out that woolly bears are  Pyrrharctia isabella (Isabella Moth)

I found this one moseying among the weeds in the pepper garden.


Look at those feet! – Okay I’m sure that isn’t the proper term.


The color is amazing

1-IMG_5048 1-IMG_5049

According to The Farmers Almanac the weather predicting folklore of these beauties was made famous in 1948 by Dr. C.H. Curran.  Read more here.

Did you grow up hearing Wooly Bear Folklore?

See you later, Bye!


a few things

It seems like just yesterday it was spring and now the harvest season is upon us.


 Where did the time go?   I missed the joys of  most of the summer to the constraints of being unwell and as of this time – with an undiagnosed, condition.

I’ve missed blogging and connecting with all of you guys.  I wanted to write to you and tell you that I am fine and that my health problems are behind me.  But that isn’t the case.

Instead, I will tell you a few things….

I’m traveling down an unknown road, and I have been scared.  It feels better for me to say that upfront and not pretend like I am brave and that everything is just fine.

I’m beyond thankful,  for an earth angel – that’s what I am calling her – a friend that went out on a limb for me.  When I said I wasn’t comfortable with my doctor, she did some research and presented information to me that gave me the courage to fire that doctor and move on.   I now have a  team of doctors that are working together to find answers and I feel as though they/I am moving in the right direction.

The process is too slow.

 I miss communicating with you all, the sharing of our lives, our art, cooking, gardening and photos and the on-line friendships.

I would like to try to get back into a routine of writing.

 I don’t want this blog to turn into a pity party.  However, I do want to be honest with you.

Sometimes the journey isn’t the one we would have chosen.

I’m using pen and paper to help me work through the pain and fear.

1-harvest moon grunge

Harvest Moon

This journey would be impossible to stand if I didn’t have my best friend and life partner to lean on.

 I thank the stars above for putting him in my life.

Tell me a few good things that are happening to you.

See you later, Bye!