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It seems like just yesterday it was spring and now the harvest season is upon us.


 Where did the time go?   I missed the joys of  most of the summer to the constraints of being unwell and as of this time – with an undiagnosed, condition.

I’ve missed blogging and connecting with all of you guys.  I wanted to write to you and tell you that I am fine and that my health problems are behind me.  But that isn’t the case.

Instead, I will tell you a few things….

I’m traveling down an unknown road, and I have been scared.  It feels better for me to say that upfront and not pretend like I am brave and that everything is just fine.

I’m beyond thankful,  for an earth angel – that’s what I am calling her – a friend that went out on a limb for me.  When I said I wasn’t comfortable with my doctor, she did some research and presented information to me that gave me the courage to fire that doctor and move on.   I now have a  team of doctors that are working together to find answers and I feel as though they/I am moving in the right direction.

The process is too slow.

 I miss communicating with you all, the sharing of our lives, our art, cooking, gardening and photos and the on-line friendships.

I would like to try to get back into a routine of writing.

 I don’t want this blog to turn into a pity party.  However, I do want to be honest with you.

Sometimes the journey isn’t the one we would have chosen.

I’m using pen and paper to help me work through the pain and fear.

1-harvest moon grunge

Harvest Moon

This journey would be impossible to stand if I didn’t have my best friend and life partner to lean on.

 I thank the stars above for putting him in my life.

Tell me a few good things that are happening to you.

See you later, Bye!


16 thoughts on “a few things

  1. Hi Kim! I have been MIA from the blogging world too but was so happy to see a post from you. Not the news I wished for you yet but it sounds like you are on a good path now and my prayers are with you. xoxo


    1. Hi Susan – hope you are well, I still look forward to hearing about your trip and nuptials. Hope you are making your beautiful art.
      Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.


  2. says:

    Kim – I’m so glad you are feeling well enough to resume your blogging. I also hope you are a woman of faith so that you will have Mr. C. AND God beside you on this journey. The Bible says we WILL have problems in this life but we will have the God of all comfort to hold our hand. Thanks for the snail mail.


    1. Hi Linda – one day at time, each day is a challenge. Thanks for sharing the faith with me. I’m reminding myself to trust the journey and find comfort that there is a purpose. xok


  3. Sarah says:

    Hi Kim, I was only just thinking of you the other day and thinking I hadn’t heard anything from you for ages. I’m so sorry that you have been having a difficult time and have had many difficult challenges to face. My husband has had some health problems and my 50th year like yours hasn’t turned out quite how I envisaged! It has made us more determined to appreciate the good things around us and spend lots more time close to the sea. Thinking of you and hope things improve for you.
    Sarah x


    1. Sarah, Funny how all the planing and dreaming we can do for our lives in an instant can be re-written by a higher power. I hope you and your hubby keep taking spending time near the sea and sharing your beautiful photos and lovely words – they mean a lot to me and I look forward to being well enough to follow along again. Your photos give me the mental trip I need.
      Hugs to you and yours.


  4. I’m so happy you left a lovely comment on my cooking blog! Thank you. 🙂 So happy to read you have good friend surrounding you and supporting you. Hugs to you!


    1. Staci – Thanks for stoping by and your kind words. I love your beautiful blog. xok


  5. Debra says:

    Oh Kim-you are in my thoughts and prayers. I do hope this journey will not be a long one for you…I am praying you will be fine.
    Love, Debra


  6. Debra – thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I so look forward to being able to read both of your blogs, they bring me happiness and inspire me. I need to find my hands working what my heart feels, but my brain is sending mixed signals. The sun is shinning for now, rain is on the way, so I am heading out to the garden to sit awhile and watch the birds. xok


  7. Lisa says:

    It is good to hear from you. You have been in my thoughts these last few months! I miss my long distance glass friend!


  8. Winter Owls says:

    I was so pleased to see you back Kim, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were. You are so right about not always being able to choose our path. You are such a creative person that I think your art will be healing for you, I think you need it, just as I do. I don’t feel quite right if I haven’t created for a while. Your harvest moon sketch is very lovely……xxxx


  9. LD says:

    Kim —

    Good to see your blogs again as they have been missed. I’m happy to hear you’re on a path of healing that you are more comfortable with and I so hope you have answers soon. The unknown can be a scary place indeed. Thoughts and hugs out to you and Mr. C. XXOO


    1. I know you know all about those scary unknowns. Sigh, life is a little tricky sometimes. I get pictures of my brain next week – lots of valium is keeping me, well, its just keeping me for now. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. xoxok


  10. Dear Kim,
    I was so touched when I read this post. It is hard to share the private pain and fear of an illness, and yet scary to face it alone.
    You asked for good things in our lives, so I’ll share this. I’ve been single a long time, and wished for a true love. Also I’ve lived in Illinois for MANY years while longing to live in the Pacific Northwest. Lately I have been reading a book by Byron Katie who describes something she calls “the Work”, and it has really helped me see that all that I have is just what I need, and that my current reality is friendlier than I understood it to be. I have been feeling calmer and happier than I ever have, even though my circumstances haven’t changed. And, art doors are opening for me!
    I also stopped eating wheat, for what it is worth, and have been feeling better. No idea whether that is relevant to your experience, I don’t want to be presumptuous! Here’s hoping for clear diagnosis and feeling well!


    1. Melissa, thank you for sharing something positive, I think I will look into getting a copy of that book. My life is so good in so many ways, yet I’ve felt something missing for awhile. I thought maybe I was just going through a mid-life crisis. I’ve lost my vision and have severe vertigo, so reading is nearly impossible for now. I have had a lot of time to do soul searching, in the past week, I’ve started to feel in my head as though there is a reason for this and i am on the verge of understanding what it is, can’t quite put my finger on it yet though. Yesterday I was very angry and I spent a good part of the day being mad. That didn’t accomplish anything, but I felt good that I could acknowledge those feelings and be ok with it.
      Thank you for sharing with me.


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