masked intruder

Early this morning, my eyes opened, Tripod cat sat up in the bed beside me and let out a loud bellow.  EEEWWW skunk!

 My first thought was OMG a skunk has gotten in the house and sprayed.  It brought back horrible memories of years past when that very  incident occurred.

Fortunately, the skunk sprayed outside the house this time.

Present day –  we have been having midnight house raids.  I became suspicious when the cat food levels were decreasing at excessive speed.  Then there were the funny little hand prints that were smudged on the outside of the window.  Someone was looking in the window in the night.

Rocky raccoon has been coming in the cat door at night and eating all the cat food.  I think he might have been making himself at home in the recliner, and watching a little tv too.

  I set up the night camera in the house and caught the daring masked intruder in action.  However. I accidentally deleted the photos with the proof.

Or perhaps Rocky, came in and did it himself.

Now the house has to go on lock down for the night and I have to say that doesn’t go over so well with the cats that come 52 times during the night.  If you have cats you know, they always wish to be on the opposite side of the door that they are currently on.


This is the cat’s tiki porch with cat door in center.


That is Rocky up on the porch discovering the door is locked and he can’t get in.

Night after night he keeps trying.


Handsome fellow, isn’t he.

See you later, Bye!


14 thoughts on “masked intruder

  1. This made me smile-my son had one of those cameras that he would set up in the yard-we may have caught deer on film, but not an intruder like you have. I can imagine the cats were not thrilled to have this fellow cleaning out their food dishes.
    Take care!!!Love, Debra


    • I can’t tell you how silly happy that camera makes me. I’m so easily entertained these days. We place it all over the property and then the next morning can’t wait to see what was going on during the night. Surprisingly the cats don’t make a sound when the intruder comes in – what is up with that?


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