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First off let’s just say that Rocky may be taking a little vacation further out to the country.

Last night he figured out how to open the locked cat door.

Yes indeed, he made himself right at home.

He ate every single morsel of cat food in the house.

 Not a crumb was left.

 My father has a live trap.

I understand there is a lovely plot of land with beautiful vistas, a creek for a cool drink, and maybe a female looking for companionship.

Briefly I entertained the idea of a raccoon for a pet.

I came to my senses.

Yesterday I met with my neurologist.  I received very good news from the MRI I had on my brain last week.  No tumors no blood clots – a normal healthy brain.

I left the doctor’s office  very angry.

 I know I should have been happy with the good news, but instead I was angry.

No, we really don’t have any answers.

No, I can’t resume normal activities.

No, I can’t go off meds.

Here’s the big one.

No I can’t drive.

I really dislike all the no’s.   But I especially want my independence.

I want to drive, I want to be able to get in my car, by myself and go somewhere – anywhere.

The doctor says it isn’t safe for me to drive.

Then I received a phone call.

My sister had been in an accident.

She is okay.

Her beloved Lexus – totaled.

The driver that hit her told the police she had just left her doctor’s office and that she was taking medicine that caused her to black out and hit my sister car.


Well that just puts it into perspective doesn’t it?

My friend keeps telling me that the universe is sending me signs and I need to pay attention.

I got the message.

Some people say those are messages from God, or Angels, or a Higher Power.

 I use the term Universe because that is what I am comfortable with.

Have you felt there have been times in your life that you received messages that needed your attention?  Did you respond?  Did you have to receive the message a few times until you got it?

See you later, Bye!


24 thoughts on “this is the universe speaking – did you get my message

  1. DougDoesLife says:

    All the time… My belief system is centered on messages from outside our mundane reality…It pays to listen to them,


    1. Doug – thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I agree, it does pay to listen, sometimes I have to remind myself of this.


  2. LD says:

    Wow – that was deep. I liked it.


    1. Don’t know about that. Really just wanted to start a conversation. I wanted to hear about what other people have experienced and how they handled the “message” they received, if they received one. I think it is really easy to ignore what is right in front of us. Then look back and say wow I didn’t see that coming or why didn’t I do XYZ. You know what I mean? I’ll climb out of the well now.


  3. JC says:

    First of , I think most people can’t say they’ve had a masked villian roaming there house at night! CRAZY STUFF!!!!! I do believe the universe is in charge. Sometimes on my way home when I get this strong urge to go straight , instead of turning to go down 29n I question what to do. I don’t often take the back roads. But when that feeling is really strong I will . Makes me wonder if I avoided a “glitch” in my life somehow by not taking my normal route.? HMMMMMM……….


    1. Yes, those little urges or a voice that tells you go right not left, I truly believe there is a reason. I’m not sure what the reason is for that little raccoon though…


  4. first, wow – he learned how to open the cat door???? that’s amazing!
    I’m sorry you still don’t have answers. I know that’s probably so extremely frustrating. and unbelievable about your sister’s car. wow!
    yes indeed, I try to pay attention to the universe’s messages. Isn’t it amazing how that all works?


    1. Staci – Life is amazing and there is so much out there we don’t know or understand. I believe those messages must be heard with the heart. xok


  5. Wow. I’m so glad to hear that your sister is ok… I’ve received messages too but never that loud and clear! Mine seem to be closed door messages. When I finally quit knocking on the door I’ve been so intent on opening, I find all sorts of gifts coming my way from an entirely unexpected quarter. As frustrating as your (un) news is, I hope your enforced lack of freedom brings something very special to you.


    1. Melissa – your words ring very true for me. Seems so many times, I too have pushed instead of pulling. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to think. To cry. And I do think there is a reason for this and I’m trying to find that place of acceptance and know I need to move forward with what ever it is. xo


  6. says:

    Smart ‘coon. Your sister may be walking but she might end up needing a chiropractor or other medical help. I’m just comparing the photo of her car and how I remember my car looked and my back is messed up bad…


    1. Linda – I think after the adrenaline wore off she is now in a world of hurt. Cars can be replaced people not.
      Coon needs a home – maybe I’ll post a listing for free to good home…


      1. says:

        Tell her not to wait to get medical help. Some states have laws where you must seek medical help within a prescribed amount of time or your insurance company won’t pay. She might also need a lawyer.


  7. Sara Windsor says:

    Oh, Kim, you are dealing with so much! So happy and grateful to hear you have no tumors or clots! I do understand how the restrictions can breed anger, honestly, I do. My fibromyalgia, sciatica, chronic pain, etc reached a point where I had to stop working as well as make other changes in my life that were in a sense losses. They had to be grieved, first of all. I cried, I talked with God with many questions, I raged a bit and I cried some more. I finally came to a point of acceptance. Acceptance. That is the key. It doesn’t mean we agree with our situation, support it, like it or want to be best friends with it. It means we acknowledge that “this is the way it is right now” and come to be at peace within ourselves. Then, I was able to see the blessings in my situation. I was able to be home with our youngest until he went to school…he never went to day care…and for my other two kids (one of whom is special needs) when they came home from school…BIG BLESSINGS. Also, as my kids grew and didn’t need me as much, it gave me the opportunity to create jewelry and art, which you know has been a passion of mine. It has also given me more time with my husband, my true soul mate, who is nearing the end of his life now with a terminal illness he’s had for almost 20 yrs now. Now I truly and honestly appreciate that blessing, because I wouldn’t trade any of the time I’ve had with him, nor any of the time I will have with him. Sometimes our blessings aren’t truly seen until much later. But, the “Universe” is making sure they are there for us. You hang in there, Kim. We usually do need some time and receiving messages more than once, at least, to get them. Peace to your heart


    1. Sara – there is so much I want to say to you – but between my tears and my slow brain i can’t get them out. I want to hop on a plane right now, fly to your little place of love and hold your hand, listen to your stories, cry with you be your friend and make art and just be. Wish I could be there with you. xok


      1. artsychicksw says:

        Oh, Kim…now you have me crying! You are such a dear friend and I do wish you could fly here and we could do all that…or I could fly there, or something. Thank you so much for your thoughts and your words. I will cherish them for a long time to come. Peace to your heart


  8. Hey there my sweet friend,
    So great to see you tapping the keyboards once again, adore your posts more than ever. So heartfelt and poignant…very gritty and authentic. Love your photos of course too. Sounds like you’re being handed some fierce grace it the health department…hate when that shit happens, even though there’s a hell of a pay-off. Hold and tight sister and trust the Universe know what it’s doing. I know..I know, easier said then done.
    Sending you endless prayers as always.


    1. Cindy I think of you just about every day and say wwcd? I know you would make lovely art, laugh, cry and be honest and that is what I want for myself. And sometimes I don’t want to be nice. Sometimes I want to just be grouchy and mad. I’m really pleased to have such kind folks from far away that make me feel like they are here holding my hand. xoxok


  9. Hey Kim when you have some quiet time watch this. Rang true in a lot of ways for me……if anything, it’s certainly food for thought.


    1. Cindy – over the weekend, I did some stuff I wasn’t supposed to do – I found an old feather bolster that was grandmom’s. I had it stored away in a chest. I have such fond memories of sleeping in her old farm house with that bolster on my bed. Anyway, I washed and dried it. Yesterday I was so cold all day. I pulled that bolster out of the hot dryer and wrapped it around me and listened to the video. I got so lost in his voice and the words and memories from my childhood, I fell fast asleep. A good hard sleep that I haven’t had for months. This really is thought provoking and does make sense and then I think ok, is this just another one of those kooky things? Ah there is so much out there to learn and understand. Thank you for sharing this with me, my friend. You are always angel for me. xok


  10. Debra says:

    Hello dear-just want to sorta hide this comment-but to say wow-you really blew my socks off writing about my art-so nice of you!!!!Thank you!

    I know we have some differences in our beliefs and I want to always be respectful. So I will say just this-I did have a brain tumor. I wasn’t having weird symptoms like you-I mean ones that seem to be eluding diagnosis. But to make a very long story a little shorter-I had surgery, but almost died from clots afterward. Just a few nights before I went to the hospital, I prayed-“Lord, You’ve got to give me something-some word, something! I’m scared…” My son was only 5 years old at the time. I wanted to live. Way down deep I heard-“Read Psalm 118.” Well, I surely did. When I got to verse 17- I read, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” I about fell over. This was for me! While I was recovering from the surgery, I had a pulmonary embolism that should have killed me. But God had declared from the start that I would not die.

    Now, I’m not saying I am some exceptional person that deserves to live. I’m totally ordinary-just a plain Jane and happy with that. But I have been declaring Him since then. I have seen my beautiful son grow up and marry, and grow into a loving, kind man.

    Just know this-I am praying for you. Now I will pray that an answer will be found for you. Please take care. Love, Debra


    1. Debra- I feel so honored that you shared such a personal story with me. I don’t think that our views are necessarily different, I think that we choose to share them in different ways. I think there was a special reason that you experienced what you did, for I do believe there is a plan for all of us. I believe we don’t always listen to that plan. I know in my heart that I am going through what ever this is right now for a reason. I am trying to practice quieting of all things around me so that I can feel and hear what that message is. I’m having an especially difficult time right now accepting the kindness and giving that others are showing me right now. I am not feeling deserving. I’m sure that is all part of my journey too.
      Your art truly does inspire me. I’ve always believed strongly against people that copy the work of other artists – that isn’t art to me. I do feel a very strong connection to your work and it inspires me to find my own way, as I realize that not only is my life changing but so is my art. Blessings to you.


  11. Winter Owls says:

    Oh, Kim, I don’t know what to say, sometimes, life is just awful. I hope you get some answers soon, it’s good to see you’ve kept your sense of humour, and perhaps Rocky has come to distract you while you are rather housebound. I know what you mean about things being put in perspective. I can remember lying in bed watching T.V after my first Chemo session, feeling rather sorry for myself. A program came on, where a man in Indonesia, was so covered in Papillomas that he looked like a living tree. I thought to myself, at least I haven’t got that….. I understand your frustration, take care, xx


    1. There have been so many times in the past few months that I have stopped and reminded myself how lucky I am and that there are so many people suffering so much. I try to live by that each day anyway, but some times I fall short and feel sorry for myself. I guess it is called being human. Anyway Rocky has been quite the entertaining soul, but I think he is going to be taking a little trip soon. Charles said he was ready to get the live trap from my dad and send Rocky to a new home. xo


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