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a million shooting stars where are my longjohns

We are experiencing our first blast of arctic chill. It is the season to be thankful, and I realize in-spite of what might seem like a little grumbling on my part, I do have a lot that I feel quite happy and thankful for. However. I don’t care for cold weather. I had made a… Continue reading a million shooting stars where are my longjohns


myobrainial infarction

Laughing my way to the funny farm.  Yesterday I sent my husband on a wild goose chase.  I forgot what day of the week it was. Which really shouldn’t be so surprising as I didn’t know what month it was until the other day.  Yep, Mr. C took off from work so he could take… Continue reading myobrainial infarction

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weekend at Coral Cottage

Weekends have taken on a new meaning for me. Switzerland arrives on Sundays with food for the soul. Somebody got into the pound cake before their dinner.  I’m not naming any names, but that isn’t my hand – just sayin’. I had mine with my morning coffee – awesome. Apple cake – I’ll have that… Continue reading weekend at Coral Cottage

dream list

Dream lists

Up there on the top menu you will find my dream list, or a partial there of. I’m not talking about a serious save the world kind of list, but a fun light-hearted kind of list. Some people call them bucket lists. One of my dreams was to hold and hand-feed hummingbirds. Way back early… Continue reading Dream lists



Recently I had the pleasure to take part in a very special ceremony honoring and remembering The Greatest Generation.  A ceremony honoring those that fought and gave so bravely for their country.  Their believe in freedom during World War II. It is hard to put into words exactly how amazed I felt about taking part… Continue reading honor

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sewing holiday projects with recycled fabric

I’ve finished a few sewing projects.  Holiday stockings, all made with recycled material. Some of the material is really old, vintage and some new, like the boho gypsy stocking was a skirt that I purchased at a thrift store and took apart. When I purchased my first sewing machine last year, the first thing I… Continue reading sewing holiday projects with recycled fabric

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barn raisin’

Earlier this summer I received a wonderful gift.  Something I’ve always wanted.  It was hand-made by my dad so it couldn’t have been any better. Not really a barn – it is actually a Purple Martin house. Betsy Beagle supervises the installation. Dad and Mr. Cottage working on a plan. A job well done. A… Continue reading barn raisin’