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Threads that bind us together.

Last weekend, Mr. Cottage treated me to a trip to a few craft and thrift stores.

Honestly it isn’t an easy undertaking and I’m really lucky that he is so patient with me.

New embroidery thread.

The colors make me swoon.

1-IMG_6570 1-IMG_6573

I always lose the color codes, and end up with a tangled mess of thread,  so I’m finally trying to organize and write down the numbers.


I used a craft punch to cut out the free artist pages from an old issue of  Somerset Studio magazine, wrote the color codes on the back and wrapped the thread as nicely as I could.


A sewing project using all vintage materials, except the sparkly button is a new find.


Each piece of old fabric scrap is sewn  to the piping and then the vintage buttons are hand sewn into place.


Burlap, a few french knots, pom pom fringe


The plan is to sew the finished piping on an old popcorn or chenille blanket that I plan to sew into a scarf.

Keeps my fingers busy and my mind in a good place.

I purchased this wool blanket from a thrift shop



I paid just a few dollars, it is in excellent shape.  My intentions were to cut it up and use it in a project, but for now we (the cats) are enjoying snuggling in it so much I can’t bear to take that away from them.

Going to the craft store and seeing  on the cover of  Haute Handbags magazine a bag made by my talented friend Debra of Monnie Bean Folk Art.  She has been published many times.  It felt good to see her work front and center.

monniebean haut handbags

Debra creates folk art that is very different from my glass art, but more in lines with  my mixed media work, and what my heart has been whispering to me to follow.  Debra crafts beauty with her words  and photography from her heart on her personal blog flowersmith-debra.  Her creations and her words have kept me inspired in the past few weeks. I can hear hear her whispering encouragement to me when I am sinking low and I know that her words are the threads to keep me going.

Coming home to a basket full of goodies from the girlfriends and these lovely orange Gerbera daisies.

So sweet.


The threads that bind us together.  Feeling the love y’all.

See you later, Bye!


8 thoughts on “threads

  1. LD says:

    The Girlfriends love you!


    1. Anonymous says:

      XO feeling it.


      1. Anonymous says:

        How can I come up anonymous on my own blog! Good grief!


  2. says:

    So glad you are feeling the love from your friends. I can’t imagine cutting up that beautiful wool blankie. And you dawg, you! Who can afford Somerset Studio these days? Not moi. I have a “few” rubber stamps, bwahahahahaha. Love what you did with one of their freebie art pages.


    1. Those magazines are so ridiculously expensive, that I can’t eat for a week after I purchase one. AND I can never throw them out, they are like family heirlooms, I practically have a museum quality light shining on them on the shelf – “shrine”. I don’t have any of the stamps. So now I have rock and stamp envy!


  3. Absolutely lovely and inspiring sewing project Kim! =)


    1. Thank you Susan. I’m waiting for the inspiration to come back so I can complete the project.


  4. Beautiful!! Looks like we’ll get to see many more wonderful projects. 🙂


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