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barn raisin’

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio


Earlier this summer I received a wonderful gift.  Something I’ve always wanted.

 It was hand-made by my dad so it couldn’t have been any better.

Not really a barn – it is actually a Purple Martin house.


Betsy Beagle supervises the installation.


Dad and Mr. Cottage working on a plan.

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A job well done.

A pair of blue birds were checking it out the other week.

 Hopefully by spring the Purple Martins will have arrived and moved in.

My dad turned 82 last week, he is still rocking it!

See you later, Bye!


12 thoughts on “barn raisin’

  1. says:

    Well, ain’t that something? High density housing as come to the bird world. Now they have to live in duplexes. (Read and delete: Did you read the rest of the comments on rock hunting?)


    1. Called commune living. I hope it happens in droves the more the merry – at least to my thinking, then maybe we won’t have so many stinkin’ mosquitos like this year.

      AND I got so caught up laughing reading all about the crazy rock followers – our own rock cult – that I forgot I was cooking my lunch. The entire house filled with smoke and then I realized there goes my lunch. Rock head. I going to have some ‘splaini’ when Mr. C gets home and finds out his favorite new pan is ruined.


      1. says:

        Ooooooo girl, you gonna be in trouble… if you were in your right mind, you coulda rushed out to the store and fetched another pan before you got caught. Mmmm mmm. And you COULDA corrected my typo. It should be has insteada has.


  2. I’ve been wanting a Purple Martin house too. So very special that your dad made it – that’s the best!! 🙂


  3. Hooray for Dad and Mr. Cottage! Aren’t they grand. My dad is still rockin’ it, too and it makes me so happy. Here’s to lots of martins and not so many mosquitoes 🙂


  4. Winter Owls says:

    I haven’t seen a Purple Martin, I hope you show us one soon. How nice of your Dad, he’s done a fabulous job!


    1. I sure hope they move in, and that I am able to take a few photos. AND that they eat lots of mosquitos. Dad is the best!


  5. JC says:

    Love the special house your Dad made. He is amazing! Mom gave me a Lowes special Martin house in May. It was to late for them to find a nice new motel on the Crickenberger land. Unfortunately two violet colored “love” birds showed up and booked several weeks with us. My house came with plugs to plug up the holes for winter . Apparently when you see the “scouts” looking for these multiple residences you can take the plugs out so they can make their nests. If another bird takes up residence (thats why I said unfortunately earlier) Purple Martins will not come because the other birds are not into the communal housing. UGH I just want them to come with nooooooo effort!! And I will burst your bubble………. Read about how studies were done and no mosquito’s were found in digestive systems of these birds UGH again!! ‘Cause thats why I wanted it to . SOOOOOOO Good luck to us both. HAHAHA! Peace out!


    1. Wait a minute you are messing with me here. What are violet colored love birds? Are you taking my meds? I bought my folks one of those lowes houses years ago – blue birds are the only breed to ever live in there. Who climbs up and down the ladder to plug and unplugg? Sure wouldn’t be me – not in my condition. AND finally you are supposed to only share good new with me. Who dissected those birds to inspect their digestive system – are you sure that wasn’t one of those eat more chicken campaigns? You know brain washing. I did actually see a martin here just before the house arrived and I did get pictures. So there, bubble buster.


      1. JC says:

        Yes, they were blue birds. They look more violet to me. And I called them love birds ’cause they were in love and nesting in my purple martin house. How dare they! Humph! I bought a martin decoy. I plan on putting it on my birdhouse this weekend. Hee Hee- wonder how smart blue birds are……………..
        Peace out!


      2. Well now who knew there were decoys and were can I get one?


  6. JC says:

    Very inexpensive on amazon. I saw one on a martin house when we went to Southport this summer. And they had alot of martin activity goin’ on! WooHoo! Can’t wait.


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