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Dream lists

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

Up there on the top menu you will find my dream list, or a partial there of.

I’m not talking about a serious save the world kind of list, but a fun light-hearted kind of list.

Some people call them bucket lists.

One of my dreams was to hold and hand-feed hummingbirds.

holding a ruby throated hummingbird

holding a ruby throated hummingbird



Way back early spring, this sweet baby flew into our window and knocked himself silly.

I carefully picked him up with a tissue and cradled him close.  I could feel his little heart beating what felt a million times a second.

After a few minutes I gently took him over to the feeder and held my finger out until he hopped over and grabbed on to the feeder.

Then I went and sat in the chair near by and watched him for a few minutes to see that he was ok.

He then flew over to the chair where I was sitting and sat next to me on the chair, for a few minutes.  He said his thank yous, and flew away.

Several months later I went out to the garden one day with a small humming-bird feeder and stood still holding the feeder, and to my amazement, over came several of the hummers and drank from the feeder.

It seemed like a miracle given to me from nature.

Scratch one off the list!

Do you have a list?  Have you achieved a special goal?

See you later, Bye!


9 thoughts on “Dream lists

  1. says:

    Momma always said about any animal, “It’s a dumb animal” but I never felt that way. With social media, we are seeing more and more photos of animals with other animals that should be their enemy and we are seeing them interact with us. I really think they have a soul.


    1. Oh Linda – think that is beautiful. I do believe they have souls. After rescuing cats and dogs for 20 years, I came to really appreciate, this. They certainly have their own personality and the way they interact with each other and with humans is an amazing thing. I think we are the dumb ones and should not discount what gifts were given to all creatures big and small. XOXOk


      1. says:

        Amen to the gifts given to creatures big and small.


  2. artsychicksw says:

    What a precious experience! So glad you were able to mark this off your dream list…dreams do come true.


    1. Yes they do, and I am keeping one close to my heart for you. xoxok


      1. artsychicksw says:

        Thanks, sweetie. You are such a dear friend. Peace to your heart


  3. Look at you, with that tiny bird! Oh my gosh what good energy you have to have their trust. …. so inspiring.


    1. Melissa – just call me the bird whisperer – LOL. It felt like such an amazing honor really.


  4. Sarah says:

    Wow the hummingbird is tiny. It’s always great to fulfil your dreams. I must write mine down too that way you are more likely to achieve them.
    Sarah x


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