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We are experiencing our first blast of arctic chill.


Coral Cottage chimney standing quietly

It is the season to be thankful, and I realize in-spite of what might seem like a little grumbling on my part, I do have a lot that I feel quite happy and thankful for.


I don’t care for cold weather.

I had made a promise to myself not to complain so much this winter about the cold and try to find some way to embrace, the cold, snow, ice and other such gifts that nature gives us at this time of the year.

That was before we discovered a major problem with our chimney.

We rely on our wood-stove to provide the primary source of heat in our old drafty house.

Our chimney runs through the center of the house.  For safety reasons it is off-limits and does not seem as though financially we will be in a place any time soon to rectify the situation.

So if I seem to be extra cold weather crabby this winter – pinch me – but beware, I may pinch back.


I am thankful that mother nature has given a bright sunny day that makes the ornamental grasses dance in the wind.

1-IMG_7205 1-IMG_7203 1-IMG_7196

When the sun shines behind the grass, it is a million rays shinning and sparkling full of magic. The seed heads look like stars getting ready to shoot off into the wind and grant a million wishes.

Right now I am wishing I could find my long underwear.

See you later, Bye!


7 thoughts on “a million shooting stars where are my longjohns

  1. Sarah says:

    I feel for you and hope it won’t be a bad winter. I too hate the cold it makes me feel miserable and irritable too.
    Sarah x


    1. Husband says cold wife is a grouchy wife….
      I also really enjoy cooking on top of the wood-stove, so I am sad not to be able to do that. And the best baked potatoes in the world are the ones I wrap in foil and through in the wood-stove. Guess, I won’t be doing that either. Maybe I’ll loose some weight! LOL xok


  2. The Old Lady That Lives at 3663 says:

    Such beauty in the way the sun shines through the grasses and the way it has been captured. I love the way Mr. Bonz always manages to get in the picture. XXOO. Stay warm my friend.


    1. Yeah, I often have to work around the camera hog – but it’s just cause he loves to keep tabs on his mom.


  3. says:

    Love the second grass photo. Bummer about the chimney. This is where I wish you believed in God rather than the “Universe” because God wants us to bring all our problems to him. He nicely solved one I had on Monday. Hope you find those Long johns soon!


    1. My dear I do believe in a God – I use the term universe because that is the word I am comfortable using.That is the word I hear when I “meditate”, I use that word in place of pray. My God is beautiful,loving, giving, teaching and allows me to have the heart I do and I believe is the keeper of the universe. I believe the universe to be all things and to oversee all. I don’t follow organized religion, as I have a problem following rules and doing as the masses say I must do. I think today – too many people throw around the word God, and make public demonstrations in a way that seems fake and fabricated to me. That I have a problem with. I believe faith is a very personal thing not to be taken lightly or commercialized. End of rant.
      Freezing rain and light snow maybe later. Long johns where are you? xo


      1. says:

        We are scheduled for a hard freeze tonight (Wed.) so I was out there at 7 a.m. covering up my favorite plants because I’m working this week. It will be dark when I get home. Hope you find those long johns soon.
        I don’t follow organized religion per se. I do attend Bible studies at a Methodist Church but do not attend the church services. I am learning to have a personal relationship with God.


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