cool crops frosty drops

A few weeks back I planted some cool weather crops in a few pots.


 Never did I think it was going to get so cold, so quickly.

Sad droopy spinach and lettuce.

frosty spinach

frosty spinach

frosty wilted lettuce

frosty wilted lettuce

Now, I want to be perfectly clear – I said I would not complain this winter about the cold weather.

So this isn’t a complaint, I’m just saying it sucks.

Excuse me, it really breaks my heart that my crops probably won’t produce.

So how about a few beautiful shinning photos of frost.

Frosty drops

1-IMG_7436 1-IMG_7438 1-IMG_7445

yes, I was crawling around on the ground in my fuzzy bathrobe and slippers taking these photos.  It was all I could do to get up off the ground.

So I moved on to my car where the ice crystals looked like feather magic.





These are on the side of my car – which is black although it looks blue here.


I think this one looks like shooting stars in the sky.

1-IMG_7480 1-IMG_7476 1-IMG_7472 1-IMG_7469 1-IMG_7466 1-IMG_7458 1-IMG_7454 1-IMG_7452 1-IMG_7451

I know, I got a little carried away, but how could I not, with such magic?

See you later, Bye!


13 thoughts on “cool crops frosty drops

  1. beautiful photos…love the frosty ones that look almost feathery. I don’t think that at this point I could even try to not complain about winter, so I admire your efforts 😉


  2. Oh, darn, the spinach frosted! Sigh. I do love how you turned the moment into magic, though.
    I have decided to stop struggling, and just embrace living here. in siberia. and immediately my heart of hearts went into a decline. Oh, no!


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