walking the enchanted forest

The sun is bright and warm on this winter day.

My legs are gaining strength, my steps a little more sure.

My hand not so steady with the camera, yet there is progress.

That Cat suggested we take a walk together in the enchanted forest to look for buried treasure.

Out past the Gargoyle that doesn’t divert water; but chases away evil spirits.


Down the mossy path.

That Cat pauses to contemplate should we go left?


Or right?


A quick look back to make sure I am following.


We come upon the home of a wood troll.

 At first it appears to be vacant.


Then briefly we see the eyes of the troll peep out from inside.

 Just as quickly they are gone.


The mossy path is covered in Holly berries.



Follow the berries to the home of the fey.


Here is the spot where the forest spirits speak the loudest.


I hear the scurry of little feet, as they take refuge in the fallen tree.

Overhead a bird of prey makes their presences known.



A fallen tree is home to many types of moss.


Oh how I wish for a steady hand and my macro lens.



Deeper into the forest where the shadows are longer, a coating of ice remains on the drinking hole, where the wood nymphs gingerly cross.

We emerge from the shadows,  where we see a sparkling star shining in the sunlight.


In the cracks between slate oh so tiny mushrooms grow.




A single powder puff-ball of moss.

Ivy drapes down the trunk of a tree, where the fairies weave their way in out, leaving behind a trail of magic.


Angelic blessings abound.


A treasure is found.


Our walk in the Enchanted forest comes to an end.

We stop to rest on the bench.


Where That Cat watches the rapid approach of the white knight.


The magical journey in the enchanted forest is over, until next time.

See you later,



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21 thoughts on “walking the enchanted forest

    • I’ll have you know that the white knight is wearing his extra heavy duty fluffy winter coat – all 20 some pounds of it.
      The star, is of course one of my fused glass creations, wrapped with copper wire, I have them hanging in trees outside my studio, and inside the secret garden. Te other two pieces are fused glass called ribbons of hope, which I made to sell and I donated the proceeds to our local hospital, which provides free of charge – wigs and other head pieces to woman that have lost their hair during their battle with cancer. It was a rewarding effort.


      • Good for you — helping women with cancer! Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. As for the cat, I still think he’s been visiting the food bowl out of boredom but at least he still has enough energy for a good romp. Love the fused glass thingies hanging from the trees. Need to find some yard art to hang from some of my trees — something I could put together el cheapo.


  1. It’s a cold and snowy day here in Michigan and you just transported me to a very magical place! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful photos and creating such a peaceful and magical mood!
    Sending you buckets of blessings!


  2. Kim, this is… enchanting!! Beautiful photos and magical words. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks about fairies, nymphs, trolls and the like whilst out for a walk in the forest! Happy new year!


    • I can close my eyes and feel the magic bubbling all around me. There truly is a spot on our property that I can feel something different. I can feel spirits and know that I am not alone. It is a good feeling. I smile to think of the wee folk hiding under the fallen trees and leaves, invisible to us lesser beings. It is all in good fun. Happy 2014 to you!


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