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craft table

My craft table view Wonder how this scary mess could turn into something productive? We had snow again, during the night.  Today is a good day to stay in and work on a few projects, including cleaning up this mess. Window view Cheerful – a bright red cardinal against the snow. See you later, Bye!… Continue reading craft table

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fairly lackluster

We braced for cold temperatures and much more snow than we received. All said and done, it was a fairly lackluster snow event. Still, I went out with the camera earlier this morning and took a few shots. My Rosemary is not happy with these cold temps.  From a distance, the snow looks like cotton… Continue reading fairly lackluster

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daddy’s necktie – a creative process

Over a year ago, some friends and I went on a shopping venture, where they helped me nab a big stash of old neckties.  I planned to repurpose them into something. I’ve pulled them out from time to time and thought about making stuff with them, but as of yet nothing has come to me.… Continue reading daddy’s necktie – a creative process

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Farm Market Color

 I received a couple packets of seeds for Christmas and ever since; I’ve been dreaming of  my garden plans for this year.  Lush vegetables and colorful flowers and bees buzzing. Sigh. This happens every year about this time, the garden dreams start.  Last year was a garden nightmare, no two ways about it.  Hopefully this… Continue reading Farm Market Color

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I’ve been out squirreled and puzzled

I was minding my own business when the rain came blowing in.  Torrential, cold mucky windy rain.  Thunder and lightening too. Thank goodness it wasn’t snow.  You would think we live in prehistoric times, because every time it rains we lose our phone and internet services.  Ok, I realize we didn’t have these advanced technologies… Continue reading I’ve been out squirreled and puzzled

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my future according to a little girl

When I was a little girl, I had a much clearer vision of my future. I knew what I wanted, and how it was all going to work out. This is my maternal Grandmother, the only photo I have of her.  I just recently received it.  Though she passed many years before I was born,… Continue reading my future according to a little girl