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Over a year ago, some friends and I went on a shopping venture, where they helped me nab a big stash of old neckties.  I planned to repurpose them into something.

I’ve pulled them out from time to time and thought about making stuff with them, but as of yet nothing has come to me.

 Or I just couldn’t bring myself to cut them up.

 Or I had some kind of block, or I don’t know –  I just wasn’t feeling it.

Recently my dad gave me a stash of his old neckties.

 I got to work that afternoon cutting them up and repurposing them into their new life.

 I think it was because I could feel a personal bond; I could remember him wearing most of them.

The creative gods said now is the time.

When I create, my heart is the leading force.  I need the process, and the end result to be something that comes from my heart, and speaks to the heart.

Fabric cuff bracelets.

Yep, the old man’s necktie –  one tie,  three ways to smile.

This one I call sun-burst and stars.



I use lots of straight  free-flowing stitching to achieve a simple style outlining on all the fabric patches.  This is where my stash of fabric scraps come into play.


  I added a few basic hand embroidery stars.  Vintage buttons from the collection.

Old lace and dreams.


On this one, the necktie is layered several times with,  lace, ribbon, free form stitching and dare to dream printed from the computer on muslin fabric.


A golden wing and a smoky glass bead for accent.



Believe features a sweet little key charm and a clear bead.


While I work on these pieces, I not only remember my dad wearing these ties, but I also think of the women in my life that influenced my sewing.  My mom,  she tried to be very disciplined in her sewing.  She was a perfectionist that would spend many hours, tearing out her stitches and redoing them until she achieved perfection.  I found her process to be un-fulfilling and swore I would never sew.  My grandmother, sewed out of  necessity.  She repurposed and reused what she had on hand.  I think her sewing sensibilities are what I feel the most when I sit down in front of my Singer.

What is your creative process?  Do you have a special way of achieving your vision?

See you later,




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Moonbeam catching * star wishing * soulful handmade *art for your heart.

14 thoughts on “daddy’s necktie – a creative process

  1. Just beautiful!! My creative process is no longer a process – I just haven’t made the time. That being said, I love having bobbles and finds around so when the inspiration strikes I have materials to work with. 🙂 I say that to make hoarding of crafty items ok. ha ha


    1. Staci – I don’t know how your find the time to do all that you do. Your soap making is creativity, your cooking – yum. Your beautiful photos are art. The hoarding of crafty materials a must, ’cause we never know when inspiration is going to strike!


  2. says:

    “Old lace and dreams.” I just LOVE the sound of that.


    1. That’s because we are of old lace and dreams, my friend. 🙂


      1. says:

        Not to mention learning to type on manual typewriters.


      2. speaking of which, do you want contact info from fried of friend about self publishing, which she is a big proponent of? Or should I mind my own business?


      3. says:

        You mean like me talk/email directly with the friend? Yeah, that would be good.


  3. My creative process is quite messy – I love getting my boxes of crafty-stuff out and spreading all the bits and pieces out over any available surface, trying to pick what suits whatever idea is running around in my head. Then out come the scissors, the sewing machine, etc., and I’m off. I do um and ah a lot, and some things do take a long time to get used… but I think it’s all part of the journey. And I LOVE the journey. 😉 Lovely cuff bracelets and post, Kim!


    1. It sounds to me like our process is very much alike. Right now, my kitchen table is covered with idea books, scraps of fabric, ribbon, lace, old metal parts and things I don’t even know what they are. Somehow, I think they will all come together and be something. It is part of the journey, we have to wait until they say it is time and I love that part of it. I know that is bothersome to neat freaks that don’t want extra stash. Not me I say bring it on!


  4. Debra says:

    I love the cuffs, the story and your photos! Well done! It is always ‘the icing’ when our art has a beautiful memory attached to it.
    Right now I seem to be in one of those creative ruts that’s hard to get out of-this is my usual pattern though, so I just wait it out-looking at my own hoard of stuff helps sometimes. I also pray-because sometimes this rut can be a downer, and I don’t want to be there! All the best ideas I’ve ever had come from Him.
    Been thinkin’ and prayin’ for you too…


    1. Debra, It is a downer when we get stuck. I’m slowly starting to accept that the creativity and the words from our driving force come to us in time. Sometimes it is a soft gentle whisper and we can miss it if we aren’t paying close attention. The prayers are answered, I know you know that. Thank you for your kind encouragement. xo Kim


  5. artsychicksw says:

    OMG, Kim! I adore these cuffs! I think I’ll have to have one….just need to decide which one. I’m going to go look at your etsy right now!


    1. Why thank you! I have to get those earrings to you first! Thank you for the vote of confidence. Hope you are warm and well. Brr, cold here.


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