craft table

My craft table view

a very messy craft station

a very messy craft station

Wonder how this scary mess could turn into something productive?

We had snow again, during the night.  Today is a good day to stay in and work on a few projects, including cleaning up this mess.

Window view


Cheerful – a bright red cardinal against the snow.

See you later,



13 thoughts on “craft table

    • Staci – I guess it just comes with the creative territory! I just can’t envision you being messy though. Yesterday while waiting at my Dr.’s office, I took along my copy of Artful blogging and so loved seeing your photos and reading your words about your journey. Looking forward to your next chapter. xo Kim


  1. Hmmph. Must be nice to feel like you can afford Artful Blogging or ANY of those over-priced Somerset magazines. Nevertheless, my rubber room is in complete disarray but its on my radar for a clean out. Did you make any kind of dent in your reorganization when you weren’t looking at the birds?


  2. That craft table looks all too familiar to me…my whole dining table looks that way when I’m in the creating mode. Unfortunately I just haven’t been there for a long time. I did make some gifts at Christmas time, but my heart just wasn’t in it all the way. It’s nice to have a clean table, but I’d rather be creating. It’ll come again, I know. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. Peace to your heart


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