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Morning glory vines are the bane of  Mr. Cottage’s existence.

1-IMG_4196 1-IMG_4199 1-IMG_4205-001 1-IMG_4211-001

Up the flag pole over the studio sign; intertwined through the chimes.

1-IMG_4217 1-IMG_4240

Over the rooster.

Don’t sit too long Betsy, the weeds will swallow you!


Last gardening season was a bummer, in so many ways.  The weather didn’t cooperate and quite frankly early morning or early evening when I wanted to do gardening chores, the mosquitos were thick as thieves and I did not want to be outside.

 My garden became so overrun with weeds that it looked like it had been abandoned.  In reality it had.



When the weeds reached knee-high, I knew I was licked.  They eventually grew above my head and at that point I pretended like it was an old English cottage garden that had turned to ruins and was  The Secret Garden. 

By the way, I love the 1949 movie version.






How can you not think those heart shaped leaves are charming?


I enjoy old fashioned flowers, like grandmom grew.

Zinna’s are a favorite.  I can’t remember what the above was called – peppermint stripe?  Overall it didn’t perform that well.   But then most of the others didn’t either.  Maybe it was because they were choked out by morning-glory vines? 


Late in the season, I waded through the head high weeds and managed to collect a few flowers for bouquets.


1-IMG_4084 1-IMG_4283



Look closely and you will see that something chewed a heart shape into the bottom petal.



Wonder if it was this guy?

I am looking forward to spring and a new growing season, I have placed an order for all heirloom seeds, and no GMO’s please.  After all today is my birthday and a little self-indulgence is in order.  Gift money is going to seeds for Zinna’s, cleome, sunflowers, globe amaranth, rose campion, and Chinese five color pepper plants.  I can’t wait till they arrive.

What will you be growing in your garden this year?

See you later,



12 thoughts on “secret garden – no GMO’s

  1. says:

    Kimmie – Those photos of the butterfly and the snail deserve time in the top photos of your blog. What is that green contraption that looks like an old swing set body? Will Mr. Coral mow the weeds down and till for you? Enjoyed the tour, weeds and all. Am very familiar with weeds.


    1. Ms. Linda – that green contraption does look like part of a swing set. I’m not sure exactly what it is. It was something my mother found, she liked old rusty things to have in her garden. My father gave it to me last year. Therefore it is sentimental rust. Mr. complains about all the hidden treasures in my garden which makes mowing and tilling very treacherous. Not sure how we will tackle that mess. It will be a project – there are perennials mixed in those weeds, I don’t want to lose.


  2. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday! I love zinnias too. Because of my Roadhouse project, I have had to give the garden a year off. Mine is overrun with blackberries and just depresses me. It is not a secret garden when you are constantly snagged! But, there will be a trough full of zinnias come summer because I can’t live without them!


    1. Thorns – ugh, yes I have some of those growing wild too. I need to go to some sort of large scale container gardening system. I can’t seem to keep up with the weeds and bending over, blah blah blah. I hope the Roadhouse project will be successful. I wish I could swing by and see it in person. Here are to zinna’s dreams. xok


  3. Happy Birthday, KIm! I tried my hand at wildflower gardens,etc. before the kids came along and had a hard time keeping up with the weeds back then. Now, I keep everything pretty low maintenance and always appreciate those around me who provide such beauty each Spring and Summer!


    1. Those wildflower gardens always look great from a distance, I wonder if you just have to embrace the weeds that must find their way. I think so, life isn’t perfect,my gardens never have been, why should they now? My sisters and I used to say that our parents had children so that they could do the weeding, and the dishwashing – LOL. I know you have your hands full. Blessings to you. xok


  4. Anonymous says:

    Mom loved the Glories- but I don’t know how she kept them under control. Perhaps they just weren’t as aggressive up there. I k now that weeds are weeds but I always admire the Giant Foxtail heads.


    1. I love the foxtails too, but I never seem to have luck with them. Grandmom’s garden is always my go to for inspiration. I think it was simplicity mixed with old farmer’s knowledge about companion planting. She always was humming when she worked in the garden and she wore her sweater and a hat no matter how hot it was. She told me once she was closest to God when she was in the garden. xok


  5. Sarah says:

    Happy birthday Kim, hope you. had a lovely birthday. Your garden does look like the secret garden which was one of my favourite books as a child. It’s not often you allow the garden to take a wilder path. Sarah x


    1. Thank you Sarah – I’ve been watching your weather and keeping you in my prayers. I am hoping your garden isn’t washed away. The Secret Garden is a lovely story, but I must admit my garden has run wild before and I am sure it will again. Be safe. xok


  6. Debra says:

    Your garden is beautiful-so are the photos! I agree about morning glories-I planted them ONCE, about 10 years ago, and I’m just now getting them under control. I do love the colors of them, but not their choking tendencies.
    I am buying nonGMO as well-heard that virtually ALL soy products that we eat are GMO, and they are hidden in many, many foods.
    I love looking at seed catalogs-they help get me through winter!


    1. I always dream too big with the seed catalogs. I try to take on more than I can really handle. I think a messy garden is my signature look. LOL. It saddens my heart when I think how much our “technology” has invaded our every day life in ways we don’t know or understand. Why do we humans think we can do better than mother nature?


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