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repurposed in the garden

Sandwiched between somewhat sunny days and snow days; my garden fantasies have run rampant. Mr. Cottage and I shopped for garden supplies and treated ourselves to soft serve ice-cream over the weekend. Tuesday it snowed.  Again. Maybe we pulled the trigger on these too soon.  They have been covered with protective plastic since we purchased them.… Continue reading repurposed in the garden

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wild pheasant and brussel sprouts

Sunrise at Coral Cottage this morning. Driving down the road the other morning, I spotted a pheasant.  Screech.  I slammed on my brakes put it in reverse, pulled out the old point and shoot, snap and happy was I. What is the big deal?  Around here, we don’t see pheasants walking around willy nilly;  so… Continue reading wild pheasant and brussel sprouts


ding ding ding

In just a few hours the calendar will flip to spring! The weather has not. I took the above photo way back last spring, right after we acquired our banana tree. Dear Spring, I’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival.  A thousand foot and paw prints have tracked snow and muck across my floors.  The birds… Continue reading ding ding ding

weekend updates


Here we go again. Obviously, the company that supplies the oil which we burn in our furnace is involved in the conspiracy to keep spring away. Last week was all hustle and bustle.  We had company coming, and I had cleaning and cooking to do.  You know the kind of cleaning that you put off… Continue reading four

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First obstacle is making it through the never-ending winter. Trying to find beauty in everyday objects. The fur babies are feeling very challenged by all the winter weather and they are keeping an eye on the calendar for spring to arrive.  I’m pretty sure it is just around the corner.  The snow is quickly melting… Continue reading challenge

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Workbench Wednesday

On the workbench this week. Playing with copper and silver for new jewelry designs. Copper with patina, silver star. Embossing on copper  Patina, embossing surface design Jellyfish and starfish. And a few hearts. Copper + silver + flame – what more could a girl ask for? The copper and silver will be incorporated with other… Continue reading Workbench Wednesday


battle of the squirrel part deux

Actually, it really isn’t a battle, as I have several old colanders out in the yard  that I fill with food for the squirrels.  I just wish they would stay off the bird feeders. I was out walking in the snow when I spotted this cutie in my colander. He had his face buried in… Continue reading battle of the squirrel part deux