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First obstacle is making it through the never-ending winter.




Trying to find beauty in everyday objects.








The fur babies are feeling very challenged by all the winter weather and they are keeping an eye on the calendar for spring to arrive.  I’m pretty sure it is just around the corner.  The snow is quickly melting with the warm temps we had yesterday and are expected to have today.

 It was suggested by my health care team, that I try a gluten-free diet.

 I wearily dived into this challenge by purchasing these items.


All the cool weather and snow, ice and freezing rain has me craving comfort food.

The first thing I made, was baked macaroni and cheese.  I love this simple easy recipe, from Trisha Yearwood.


Baked Macaroni and Cheese from Trisha Yearwood

Baked Macaroni and Cheese from Trisha Yearwood

 I used the Heartland fusilli, and yes the pasta did taste like corn bread; as mentioned in the article below.  I happen to like corn bread, so I didn’t find it to be awful – just different.

I found this review of  gluten-free pasta from Cooks Illustrated  – after I purchased my pasta.

If you have positive experience with gluten-free products that you care to share with me, please do.

In the craft department,  I’ve been challenging myself to learn new techniques.   I’m having a blast making a mess, and stumbling along in my world of creativity.


What is challenging you these days?

See you later, Bye!


22 thoughts on “challenge

  1. Gluten free is not as bad as it used to be as there are many more options available in the stores but it is still an adjustment at first and some of it still doesn’t taste good. One of the big problems is eating out sometimes but that has also been changing. I was surprised to find out some time ago that Olive Garden actually has gluten free options. I have some info/recipes and will send them your way later today. Btw – so happy the snow is finally gone and way looking forward to the warmer temps! 🙂


    1. bentwhimsstudio says:

      Forgot to mention, my Pinterest Food & Drink board has recipes that are all pretty much gluten free/paleo (just ignore the beer, that was for Phil – lol!)


      1. Maybe I’ll have a beer with Phil – LOL


    2. Hey Caroline, thanks for giving me your thoughts on the gluten. I already try to stay away from processed food as much as possible, although that is hard. This also includes eating out – I usually choose to eat at local places that aren’t as likely to use packed food – that is a hard one. I will look at your pinterest board and see what you got posted. Thanks xoK


  2. I’ve wondered if a gluten-free diet would help~ it has made a huge difference to me. I recommend you read, “The Wheat-Belly Book”. The doctor who wrote it does a really good job of explaining what gluten is doing to your body. He cautions against using the store-bought gluten-free products because they use tapioca starch, which is just as bad or worse. He wrote a second book filled with recipes that I’m now living on. I don’t eat pasta at all anymore, one of the few things I miss. I’m eating a lot more vegetables and broiled meats and fish. Have even dropped a pound or two! I had some bread yesterday, and the pain is right back. sigh. But when I cut out all bread, my pain really does go completely away.
    Hope it works for you!


    1. Melissa – thanks for the input. I thought this wouldn’t be that hard, because I didn’t think I ate that much bread or stuff that contained gluten, but I am finding out otherwise. I have a lot of food and drug allergies – life threatening – so I’ve spent years avoiding foods and trying to eliminate processed food when possible – that is nearly impossible and makes dinning out hard. I will check into the wheat belly book and read for tapioca starch – I’ve heard that was a problem too. Really? I think I’ll go eat some chocolate – that’s still on the good list isn’t it? xoKim


  3. It looks like you are diving right into those challenges, Kim! Good for you! My son has been on a gluten-free/dairy-free diet for many years. There are so many more decent tasting products out there than when we first started! As for pasta, I have found that quinoa pasta maintains a consistency that is pretty close to regular pasta. I use Ancient Harvest brand. Two other brands that make good gluten-free breads are Udi’s and Kinnikinick. On another note, your jewelry crafting looks like so much fun! Do you have a technique that you like to use for giving copper patina?


    1. Kristin – these new life style guidelines are tuff. I didn’t think going gluten free would be too bad, as I didn’t think I ate that much that contained it, but perhaps more than I realized. Thanks for giving me some name brands to look for, that is helpful.
      Thank you for comment on the jewelry crafting – right now I am sticking with heat to use as my source for creating patina. I’m really sensitive to fumes and scents and hate to get involved with chemicals if I don’t have to, also the heat gives me instant gratification – I’m all about that. I do have some pickling – but have not used it yet. Over the years, I’ve tried vinegar and salt – too slow and not much gratification. I’ve read recently about using a hard boiled egg in place of liver of sulfer for silver – I’m going to give that a try. I love your girl in the tub. xo Kim


  4. Lovely photos from your garden! Good luck with the new diet 🙂


    1. Hi Cath – thank you for your kindness. I enjoyed stopping by your blog and seeing your lovely jewelry and your photos of your part of the world. Cheers!


      1. Thanks for calling in. I too, enjoyed your photos of the snow (the best way to view snow sometimes)!


  5. Anonymous says:

    4 hammers???? Sometimes better known as Stress Release Facilitators.


  6. 4 – ha ha I have more than that. Yep the pounding does feel good at times. 🙂


  7. Debra says:

    Hi Kim-
    I LOVE your new project tools and can’t wait to see what you’re doing!
    I have been gluten and wheat flour free for over a year now. I had to do it-I was having panic attacks every time I ate it-and I do not have those attacks now. At first, I really missed bread. SO I got gluten free stuff and found most of it was pretty awful. By this time, I am so used to going without bread that I’m totally fine just eating all the good stuff there is…I also cut my sugar intake down to one Ghiradelli dark chocolate square per day, and I feel wonderful. Now I just could not eat sugar like I used to. It’s really a matter of making new habits and just waiting out the change which is hard at first.
    Good luck and stick with it! There is so much other stuff to eat, and I know you’ll feel better!


    1. Debra – I can’t get past the idea of only eating one chocolate square a day… I find your information about the panic attacks quite interesting, as I had never heard about that association, but it might explain some things. Just when I think I’m ok with this new diet, then I realize oh, I can’t have that, it has gluten in it. I find that it is in things that I didn’t think about before. I’m not sure I have seen a benefit yet from cutting it out. I have severe inflammation in my connective tissues, which is causing me pain. That is the motivation for changing the diet. I’m sure I need to be more diligent and give it time. Sometimes it is hard to be patient.


  8. Sarah says:

    Good luck with your gluten free diet, I hope it helps.. A friend who has been on this diet for sometime recommends ” The how can it be Gluten free cookbook”. It might be worth looking at. Sarah x


    1. Sarah, Thank you for the name of the book – I will check into it. I’m slowly absorbing as much information as I can. XO Kim


  9. Oh I wish you luck with your health and gluten-free diet. Two things to add to your friends’ comments above – spiralled/shaved raw zucchini can make a fresh unprocessed alternative to pasta. And I’ve come to really enjoy quinoa. I don’t like quinoa flakes or flour, but just the quinoa boiled in water or stock and then served with homemade sauces or salad ingredients is great. LOVE the bright colours against the white and black of your winter – beautiful everyday images for sure. Thank you for your kind words on my blog, they made me smile.


    1. Thank you for passing along some more health tidbits for me. It is a long journey to make a lifestyle change. I embrace new information.
      The bright colors bring me happy a heart.:)


  10. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    Yum. Another cozy visit to life at the Coral Cottage. Love the greens popping in your first photos, and then that brilliant red! Oh how I want to see a cardinal (on my bucket list!) but I live too far west to see them out my window. So thanks for sharing! And the ‘cornbread tasting’ macaroni & cheese. Sounds awesome to me!


    1. One of the things I love about blogging and connecting with people around the world, is being reminded of things we might forget or take for granted, such as the beauty of the red cardinal. I’m so enchanted by birds, don’t know why. The cardinal is our state bird – so we have lots and lots of them here, but still their bright colors always make me happy. xo kim


      1. P.E.A.C.E. says:

        Great reply, and I too am enchanted with birds. Even today I heard a pair of blue jays coming and I had to go look. Their calls are loud and a bit like a squeaky gate, but they are a bit larger than a robin, bright blue & black with a big crest. Gorgeous. And super smart. I’ll see about capturing them with the camera to share! They and the flickers bring great joy when they come to my front garden feeders. Love that suet!


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