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Here we go again.


Obviously, the company that supplies the oil which we burn in our furnace is involved in the conspiracy to keep spring away.




Last week was all hustle and bustle.  We had company coming, and I had cleaning and cooking to do.  You know the kind of cleaning that you put off doing until you are expecting visitors, and then you panic.

 Yeah, that kind of cleaning.

I didn’t find even a minute for sewing,  jewelry making or any kind of creative endeavors.

Today, we are turning it down a notch,  Mr. Cottage and I are enjoying a snow day together.

Mr. Cottage is the breakfast chef in our house.  This morning he made us Irish waffles.


Bisquick brand gluten-free waffles, which the chef adds a splash of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon, and this morning a drop of green food coloring for fun.


The snow feels welcome after a weekend filled with high winds, and low humidity.  Amazingly with all the snow, and ice we have had, our area was issued a fire warning.  We heard sirens all weekend, fire trucks blaring past, and the forestry bulldozers rumbled down the road.  It has been about 17 years since Mr. Cottage worked for the Virginia Department of Forestry, yet when one of the employees drive by they still throw up a hand or toot a hello honk.   We are saddened there have been so many fires around us, and thankful for those on the job.


I hope you have the luck of  the Irish on your side on this St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve had a dream for as long as I can remember, of  someday going to Ireland.

Four days until the calendar says spring!

See you later, Bye!


15 thoughts on “four

  1. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    Lovely post Kim! Loved the chuckles you brought me too… since I also think there’s a spring-delay conspiracy afoot. 😉 Great hubby to make yummy waffles. And I too do my most thorough cleaning in panic-mode with a cry of ‘company’s coming!’ 😀 That’s nice they honk a wee hello as they pass! (May they always continue past and not come for work!) Hugs to you, and YESSS… four days til the calendar says so! Gina


    1. Hey gina – glad you got a chuckle 🙂 I have a great husband willing to make green waffles for me on a snowy blah day. Until the next time I have company, my house remains as is.


  2. LaDy says:

    Ireland – a dream of mine too.


    1. We have to hold on to those dreams and keep dreaming them. They do come true. xo Kim


  3. So sweet – I’m trying to convince my husband he should be our breakfast chef. He does a great job but says it’s too much pressure. 🙂 Beautiful photos.


    1. Staci – are you hosting farm stays? The previous tenants of the farm across from us, used to do them – I think they were successful. If you did, then your husband would really have the pressure on him to whip up a good breakfast. xo Kim


  4. says:

    That’s the most you’ve ever showed us of the coral cottage. Love all those colors. Sorry to hear about the fires. I pray you won’t be affected. Liked P.E.A.C.E.’s comment and would like to repeat it here.


    1. Glad all the colors didn’t chase you away! I bet you were wearing your green undies on Monday – I know they weren’t purple! Bwaahaha! xoxo


      1. says:

        I don’t have green undies, either. Or any prints. Just plain ole white and beige. I need some with fringe….


      2. Oh yeah the fringe, but then it might get tangled…


      3. says:

        How about if the fringe goes only on the outside leg below the hip? Not all the way around the leg hole? Nuts? Yeah, I knew you were going to say that.


  5. We had eight more inches of snow yesterday, and were under a “high danger of fire” warning on the weekend, as well. I don’t understand it, as it seems we’ve had rain or snow every week for months. Love all the color peaking out from beneath your snow. Those waffles look yummy. My husband is a pretty good breakfast cook too. XO


    1. Mary – it is the never ending winter isn’t it? Those bright colors are what keep me smiling in during all the cold and grey days. I bet those snow days are keeping you busy with your sewing machine. xo Kim


  6. Sarah says:

    That sounds a great way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day! It sounds amazing you have had fire warnings despite the snow. Hope the fires stay away from you. Sarah x


    1. Sarah – It seems impossible that we should have problems with fire as we have had so much snow and ice, but the high winds for several days and low humidity, quickly turned things around. Happy Day to you 🙂 Kim


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