ding ding ding

In just a few hours the calendar will flip to spring!

The weather has not.

banna plant with bird

I took the above photo way back last spring, right after we acquired our banana tree.

Dear Spring, I’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival.  A thousand foot and paw prints have tracked snow and muck across my floors.  The birds have consumed hundreds of pounds of seeds.  Countless shovels of snow have been shoveled.   Many gallons of fuel have burned to keep us warm and cozy.  Soup has been sipped,  hot tea has been drunk. Layers of blankets, and long johns, mittens and scarfs  and wooly hats, have been worn.  I have dreamed about you, and talked about you.  I’ve planned my gardens, and decorated my dreams with seed packets and containers brimming with blooms.  In my mind, garden soil has been tilled. My flip-flops are at the ready.  Lastly, the banana tree I over-wintered in my stair-way is growing too large for us to pass up or down the stairs comfortably.  So,  dear spring, I invite you – please make yourself at home for a few months so we can move the tree back outside.

tree in stairwell..jpg

Thank you for your consideration.



13 thoughts on “ding ding ding

  1. HA, HA! I’m with you! Although after 6 inches of snow here on Monday, we are looking at a sunny, beautiful first day of Spring here today!! AMEN!


      • You can wear your flip flops indoors. I do… Also, I refuse to acknowledge anymore snow. If we are unlucky enough to get what you are scheduled to get weather wise next week, I will refer to it as fluffy raindrops!! Drat that Mother Nature!!


  2. You really think Winter is listening? This year, I think Winter is turning a deaf ear to millions of such please. We had 2 or 3 days of constant rain and now my garden is too wet to till. Like you, however, I have mentally tilled it numerous times. The banana tree in the house is a hoot. Wonder what kind of bugs you brought in with that? Loved seeing the bright colors in the Coral Cottage.


    • The tree went in the sunniest window, and at the time it was brought in, out of the way. It has grown happily and now is in the way. I’ve been thinking about cooking with the leaves, and I’ve seen some interesting packaging, using the leaves. I bet you see these trees, all over your neighborhood. Thanks for stopping in. xo Kim


      • Yes they are dotted around everywhere here, some in gardens and some just outside the homes on the roadside which the occupants have obviously planted. I marvel that people here are so trusting that nobody will steal there precious bananas! I know one recipe where you wrap the leaves around rice or chicken and pin it with a tooth pick and cook the food that way, but don’t ask me how! 🙂


      • Banana thief! Ha ha silly isn’t it. We have a home in Florida where we have a tangerine thief. We live full time in Virginia and when the fruit ripens down in FL and we aren’t there to get it, someone else takes it. Our trusty neighbors across the street brought an end to that though. I may just try cooking with the leaves…


      • I’m glad you found the Tangerine Thief! We have a similar problem in that our fruit trees at our home in Portugal fruit before we arrive back in the summer, but we gladly let our neighbours take a share. I would hate to see them go to waste… 🙂


  3. “My flip-flops are at the ready.” You and me both! My gardening magazines are nearly all worn out from all my dreaming and longing to get started already!! So I’ll add my wishes with yours ‘for consideration’. 🙂


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