what is

I didn’t mean for it to be so long since I posted here, or read yours there.

Life happened and ended in a few sad and heart breaking ways for our Cottage family.

The grief is still fresh and on the surface.

Changes are being made in our daily lives.  Father cottage says that sometimes routines need to be changed and now is the time for those changes.

 So we will learn to adjust what was and make this what is.

Sweet happy good things have happen around here too.


Earning the trust of a Black-capped Chickadee.







Holding something so fragile and precious, what a lovely moment.

See you later, Bye!


16 thoughts on “what is

  1. I was so happy to see your post, and then saddened by your news. I am so sorry to hear of your losses and changes. Seeing a Black-capped Chickadee in your palm~ what a huge, gentle spirit you have.


  2. So sorry to hear of your sadness and loss. Thinking of you . The bird is so tame and images so sharp!
    Sarah x


  3. I was thinking about you a few days ago, realizing that I hadn’t seen any posts from you in a while. I knew something must be amiss and said a little prayer for you. So sorry you are grieving a loss and dealing with changes at the same time. That’s a lot to handle for a beautful soul, my friend. Do know that you are loved. Fabulous photos of the tenderness of trust between bird and human. So glad you had that gift in the midst of the darkness. Take care. Peace to your heart


  4. Kim, I, too, have missed your online presence lately…So glad to see you here communing with that sweet chickadee! I am so sorry to hear of your recent losses. Sending love and hugs.


  5. Yay ! So good to action on your blog! Love the birdie’s cute little feet! Soooo adorable! I think he is a spirit friend coming to say hello. What a touching moment.


  6. I have missed your voice too! The trust of that tiny creature is inspiring and speaks to the depth of your spirit. I dreamed last night that I was visiting Aspen grove farm!


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