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A group hug is in order.

I have to say thank you to each and every one of you that took the time to send me a message or comment on my last post.  I appreciate all of the thoughtful gestures of care and concern, sympathy and prayers for the Cottage family.  One of my favorite things about blogging is interacting with my readers.  I try to always respond to each and every comment, because they mean so much to me.  I like having a dialog with you guys.  I didn’t do that with my last post, I just felt too overwhelmed.  Please know I appreciate knowing you are out there and lending your care and support.  A special hug to you all. xo~ Kim

On to some garden firsts.

Just as I was heading away from home for a few days, I notice that the first strawberries of the season were beginning to ripen.

A few days later upon my return, I headed out to the garden to harvest those berries; only to discover that they had all disappeared, except for one.


I enjoyed it immensely.

First Blue Bird babies of the season have hatched.  Their sweet little chatter and the back and forth feeding of the parents, keeps my heart very happy.

Sadly at another box, I heard a cry of distress and went to investigate.  1-IMG_8134.jpg

The male had discovered that the family had been wiped out by a black snake.  I was telling this story to some ladies the other day, and one of them said to me “Well Kim that is just the way of nature.”  It may well be, but I don’t have to like it.


Fat full black snake, smiles as he hangs his head outside of the box.

I’ve placed bird netting below the other boxes hoping to deter the snake from more snacking or in partaking in the way of nature.

I harvested my first batch of fresh from the garden basil.  As I walked through the herb garden, I brushed against the herbs, releasing all the heavenly aromas.

It was drizzling, cool but humid and the scent of rain, mulch and herbs hung in the air.

 Sweet bliss.


Recipe guideline for fresh pesto:

A large bunch of fresh basil

pine nuts

olive oil

couple cloves of garlic

Fresh shredded parmesan cheese

Fresh cracked black pepper

Optional – few hot red pepper flakes – adds a nice zip

I don’t measure – use what feels right to you and taste as you go.

Whirl it all up in a food processor and enjoy on your favorite crusty bread or crackers.


What kind of garden firsts are you experiencing?

See you later, Bye!


12 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. OMG! I could eat my own hand with enough pesto on it. Love the stuff. Used some of my fresh basil to garnish a Naan bread pizza for my husband tonight. We put up our first blue bird box and purple martin house this year. All are occupied but I’m not sure it’s by the intended tenants. So sorry about the black snake. XO


    1. Mary – you crack me up – eating your hand, yeah I get that. I actually used the pesto to make pizza for us the other night. My dad has been making bird houses and I have them all over the place. The blue birds have taken to their houses so well and it has brought me many hours of entertainment. Last year dad made a purple martin house for us. We are still waiting for occupants. I hope you get some fabulous photos that I know you will turn into beautiful art. I so wish I could see your work in person. xo.


  2. Some lovely firsts! And, your chippy turquoise chair is the best!


    1. Kristin – that old chair came with the place when we bought it over 20 years ago. A few years ago at one of my studio open houses this woman came out and she saw that chair. She went on and on about it and wanting to know if it was for sale – never mind all my art-work that was for sale the only thing she was interested in was that chair. It may look chippy but it still sits good. xo


  3. The Old Lady That Lives at 3663 says:

    First off, I’m sorry for whatever loss the Cottage family is experiencing. HUGS

    A garden first for me are carrots and spaghetti squash and both are rising out of the soil beautifully! And, I planted an elephant ear which has just sprouted in the last week.

    So exciting!


    1. Dear old lady, thank you for the hug. How exciting about your carrots and squash, something so special about watching them grow and then the harvest to eat fresh. I also love elephant ears – their big ears look so cool swaying in a breeze. Excited for you. xo


  4. says:

    We’ve had snakes get in our bird houses, too. Dad eventually put a piece of square plexiglass around the hole and we’ve had no more snakes. You’d have to research this – I don’t know where he got the idea. I love that old chair. I would love to have 2 and I read about people finding them for free but do I ever find them for free? No, of course not.


  5. Ms. Chairman of the garden – I assume your dad cut the circle out first? HA HA.
    That old chair came with our house when we purchased over 20 years ago. It looks pretty much the same now as it did then. It is a really solid chair in spite of the peeling paint. I love it and yes, a second one would be nice, but then I would have yet another collection…


  6. Anonymous says:

    You have beaten us with your first strawberry! So sad to hear about the poor birds the picture of the snake was amazing! I made some wild garlic pesto a few weeks ago. We had our first gooseberries from the garden last week. Sarah x


    1. Sarah – Wild garlic pesto sounds quite interesting, perhaps you would share your recipe. I have never had gooseberries, and must try them, the name alone sounds fun. xo Kim


  7. Debra says:

    Hideous snakes! Be gone! I so love your photos!!!!


    1. As though they heard you and now there is one less… 🙂


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