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Last week was a wet one.

Raging storms descended upon us every afternoon and evening and into the night.  The week before we had a breach in the lining of our koi pond.  We were thankful for all the rain, as it helped fill the pond back up.

Pond grasses had grown through the seam in the liner of the pond and broke through causing a major leak.

It’s a gusher!

Yep, that’s water gushing out of the side of  pond wall.


The water had to be drained down further so the repair could be made.



Mr. Cottage and Cottage friend, spent hours pulling out plants, moving rocks and diverting water, trying to keep the fish safe.

The pond was overdue for plant dividing and thinning.


Plants were spread all over the lawn, ready to be divided and moved to another location.

  The variegated sweet flag was so thick and heavy that the guys had to take planks of wood to use for leverage to get the grass out of the pond.

We relocated cat tails, grasses and some iris to the back pond in the enchanted forest.

A week later, we got the pond filled, and the pump going.  The repair seems to have worked and all the fish are safe and sound.


Fish eye view.

Before the water level was brought back up, I got to take a few photos at their eye level.





That Cat had a visitor at the edge of the North 40.


They had a long visit and then they each went their separate ways.

I haven’t had much time at home lately for cooking, or cleaning or  well anything.

 Staci, over at Life at Cobble Hill Farm, inspires me with all her wonderful cooking.  So this afternoon I took a stroll out to the new herb garden we put in this spring.  It is just a few steps outside the kitchen door – more about that later.

I grabbed a handful of herbs and headed in to the kitchen.


One of my favorite comfort meals is roasting in the oven as I write this.

Roast chicken, with fresh herbs from the garden.  A mountain of mashed potatoes and fresh corn on the cob.  A pan simmering on the stove with a gallon of gravy.

I stuff the herbs under the skin and in the cavity for even bursts of herbalushness.


Comfort in the form of carbs. And Butter.  And gravy.


I hope your days have been full of sunshine and goodness.

See you later, Bye!


18 thoughts on “fish eye view poultry in the pan

  1. artsychicksw says:

    Such beauty in your post today! The fish pond is simply out of this world! I have never seen one so large and lovely. Your photos show it off very well. That chicken with your own herbs looks divine, and you got a great shot of the cat and the turtle. I would love to see photos of the enchanted forest and back pond sometime. Maybe I already have and don’t remember?
    How are other things going? I pray your health is better and that life is a bit more smooth for you, my friend. As always, I wish you Peace to your heart


    1. Dear Sarah – you are the sweetest, and very intuitive. My health is better, not where it should or needs to be. My heart is breaking in a million pieces right now and I am trying desperately to hold on to happy. I want to cherish each happy moment to the fullest right now and concentrate of that. I hope you and yours are holding on too. Thank you for following along and lending your care and kind words and letting me know you are keeping me in your good thoughts. xo Kim


      1. artsychicksw says:

        Is the heartbreak about your somewhat recent loss? Or something new? I understand if you don’t want to share details, just thought I’d ask. So happy your health is moving in the right direction! I pray that it will continue to do so. Thanks for asking about me and mine. My husband continues to have ups and downs and we are always grateful for the ups. We’ve both had/are having some acute illnesses that we could do without….very frustrating. But, yes, we are hanging in there. Financial woes don’t help anything…our income has dropped considerably because of a couple of things. It’s very hard to see how it will work right now, but I’m trying to focus on the blessings we have. Reaching for the happiness, as you described. Grateful for every bit of it. One wonderful thing recently is that our 20 year old daughter was here for a week from Seattle visiting! We hadn’t seen her in a year, which was so very hard. It was so heartwarming to hang out with her, chat, be silly, etc. She is such a positive energy, so unique, so bright and creative….she brought lots of happiness to us all. I will leave you with that positiveness….Peace to your heart


  2. The Old Lady That Lives at 3663 says:

    Yum! Yum! My sweetie and I were just talking about the Cottage fam.


    1. I hope you were saying something good! Hello to sweetie. xok


  3. says:

    Dahlink – That is the biggest residential pond I have evah seen. And to think you have another one in the enchanted forest. I must go now. I need to plug “enchanted forest” into your search box.


    1. Chairlady of the gardens our pond(s) bring us a lot of entertainment. The one in the enchanted forest is also known as mosquito hole – it is a natural area swarming with those little buggers. We also have a small pond next to one of the blue bird houses, we put that one in to hold extra pond plants and fish. It is now so full, we need to build another one. Maybe we have things a little out of control. I hate to just toss out the plants, and I am running out of people to pawn them off on. A good problem really. xo


      1. says:

        Three ponds going on four? All because of extra plants. Dahlink, you do know Craigslist has a “free” section where you can put in a “curb alert” so that you don’t have to deal with them when they come. I got a free range hood, in excellent condition, for Poppie and to this day, I don’t know whether I was communicating with a man or a woman. She/he/it told me it would be on the porch, I promised to be there by noon the next day and the ad was pulled immediately. Nevah evah throw plants out when you can put them on Craigslist for someone who desperately wants to garden but is on a tight budget unless your area is too rural and it would put you at risk. In that case, donate to the garden clubs.


  4. Those fish are so beautiful. Glad you were able to save them. That’s quite a pond!! I love Stacy’s recipes too. Also, her deodorants…made without aluminum, they feel and smell divine.


    1. Mary – I love our ponds :). I have tried Staci’s soap and butters, but not the deodorants, must give them a try especial as the aluminum issue is a concern to me. xo Kim


  5. Hey there, Kim,
    I’ve been thinking about you, hoping for happiness to surround you. Your posts bring me such a lift. Hugs!


  6. Thank you Melissa. Your post do the same for me. 🙂 I am heading over to read yours now. xo


  7. Sarah says:

    Your pond looks huge compared with ours! So glad to hear the fish were saved.Take care and hold on to those happy moments, Sarah x


  8. You are so sweet – thank you for the shout out! 🙂 Your pond is AMAZING!!! I love it! We have a pond on our “someday” list. What wonderful photos and such a beautiful post!


  9. Debra says:

    You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous pond-ponds I should say….After eaves dropping on your other comments-It makes my heart sad to know you are still in some kind of battle, that things are not perfect and easy for you in some way-I know we all have molehills-but I suspect you have some mountains, and I’m sorry. You cross my mind so much, and I pray for you. I do pray things will get back to being normal for you. Your friendship means so much to me!


    1. Denra – we treasure our ponds and the many different wild life that visit. It has been a tough year, but we are getting by. I also treasure having found you and your art and your great big heart. It is comforting to know there are special people like you out there praying and caring. xo


  10. Winter Owls says:

    What a fabulous pond you have Kim and beautiful fish. My parents have a pond like this but only the black fish have survived due to their camouflage. The orange ones were eaten by water birds!


    1. Thank you Jen, we love our pond, and fish and all the other wildlife it attracts. We have bird netting up to protect the fish, we learned very quickly about the water birds. xo


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