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Though our vegetable garden isn’t as bountiful as we had hoped, it does bring us pleasure.

As well as unexpected tickles to the funny bone.

Like finding Godzilla under the cucumber plant.


Over at the pond, I’m seeing double – how about you?


A Charles Thomas lotus is blooming this week.


The bees are making magic.


An old rusty toy wagon is blooming with zinnias and nasturtiums.


Sun shines through the window to an arrangement of hydrangea.


We also harvested from our garden,  lemon boy yellow tomatoes, and hot hungarian wax peppers and lots of basil  as they dance together with fresh mozzarella and proscuitto, in this antipasto platter.


I hope you are enjoying the bounty of your gardens.

See you later, Bye!


9 thoughts on “godzilla and the cucumber

  1. Anonymous says:

    Godzilla looks at home under the cucumber plant! Awesome photo!!!


    1. Godzilla seems to have made himself right at home and has been snacking on my cucumbers, I’m sure of it! I’m willing to share though. 🙂


  2. says:

    Did Godzilla cause you to scream when you saw him? Gawd, I hate lizards. Now about the wagon photo — is that a birdhouse on the corner of the wagon; I have that same small leafed coleus; is that the greenhouse in the background; what are those disks that are hanging like an old gypsy beat curtain? This was my fave photo. The only thing missing was a cat sleeping under the wagon. What am I supposed to be seeing double in the pond photo?


  3. I didn’t scream – this time. I have to confess though, I have plastic lizards, bugs and snakes hidden all over the place and occasionally I do scream like a girl when I scare myself when I forget that they are about and unexpectedly encounter one.
    I love all your questions, you always ask the best and have the best observing eye.
    Yes, that is a bird house on the corner of the wagon. It was on the fence post, but fell down constantly, until I finally said enough of that and placed it on the wagon rim. – Not occupied.
    I love that coleus I have two and they are really doing well.
    Yes and no to green house. It is painted green, but it is a tool shed. Mr. Cottage will mumble about it being HIS only building on the property and for me to leave my mits off of it. However, I decorated it up this spring much to his chagrin.
    The gypsy bead curtain is actually a capiz shell curtain, that I purchased at a yard sale this spring for about 75 cents. I especially love the sound that the capiz shells make, and I have them all over the place. When I find them at a bargin price I snatch them up. I hung it in the dogwood tree and when the breeze catches it – I’m in heaven. Occasionally a bird will swing on the dangles, and that too makes me happy.
    And finally it was a rare occasion to snap that photo and not have a cat laying underneath – it is a favorite spot.
    Oh last but not least – there are two frogs up at the waterfall – look again.


  4. artsychicksw says:

    Kim, I think I could spend days in your yard discovering all kinds of things! It’s so amazing! I also just have to tell you that the photo of the hydrangea is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve pinned it to my Photograph board on Pinterest and given you credit. Thank you for sharing, especially your fabulous photos! Peace to your heart


    1. AAHHH Sara – how kind. I expect you could spend a very long time looking at my yard junk – I mean fine decor. Ha Ha. I do have the cluttered thing going on, but I like hiding interesting, or what I think are interesting things among the flowers and weeds. 🙂


      1. artsychicksw says:

        What a scavenger hunt you could hold! I love it all!


  5. Debra says:

    Hello! What a sweet post-your supper from the garden looks so good!
    PS Did you get my email?


    1. It was a good supper Debra. Response to email on the way.:) xoxo


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