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random happiness

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

Rain kissed day-lilies.  The color is so vivid and happy.


Basil and Nasturtium planted in an old canning pot waiting on the cat porch for me to harvest and make pesto.


Cat conversation between Mr. Bonez and Henry.



Lavender and an old bird-cage.

I’ve come down with a stinkin’ case of viral bronchitis and have been placed in lock-down in my home.

 This does not make me happy.

So, I pulled a few random happy photos from the past few weeks to share.

Random facts of Kim.

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Maybe I see a scoop in my future – for medicinal purposes of course.

I’ve been lobbying for a couple of chickens and a rooster.  My girlfriend, the animal whisperer was going to help facilitate this.

Then she told me her peacocks had babies.  So I added peafowl to the list.

Sadly the peacocks were dispatched by some unknown force.  Sigh.  I’ll have to wait a little longer for that dream to be realized.

I love vintage sheets, the kind with faded dainty floral that lend a shabby chicness.  This spring I went to several yard sales and snatched these up for next to nothing.


I plan to do some crafting with them in the future.

This one, I have been using all summer at my kitchen table as a table-cloth.  The bright cheerful colors make me oh so happy.

And yes, I don’t iron.


I was awake during the night, which didn’t make me happy, but I did sneak out and put a few happy moon shots on the camera.


There was a brief break in the clouds.


Then they rolled in again.


I think they lend a magical touch just perfect for an old style thriller mystery movie.

What happy randomness are you experiencing?

See you later, Bye!


16 thoughts on “random happiness

  1. What beautiful photos as always!! I hope you’re feeling better soon – it stinks to be sick. Mmmm….mint chocolate chip ice cream for medicinal purposes sounds divine! I just picked up a quart of pistachio and a quart of blueberry from a local farm that makes their own. I want to bypass dinner and go right to dessert!!
    Take care of yourself.


    1. Hey Staci – I like your idea of skipping dinner and going straight for the goodies! I love homemade ice cream it is the best. Enjoy! xo


  2. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I would definitely recommend the medicinal ice cream. Gorgeous pics. I had a few chickens about 15 years ago. I am so tempted to get a few more. They were easy keepers and very entertaining. Hope your on the mend, and out and about soon. XO, Mary


    1. Mary – you must add chicks to your menagerie and then take lots of beautiful photos for my eyes. xo


  3. hollyolinger says:

    have you tried the Trader Joe cookie butter yet?


    1. Oh my no – that would be way too sweet for me, and I would think you would feel the same way. Is that your random happiness?


  4. Oh, flowery sheets (unironed, of course!) spooky moon shots, and mint chocolate ice cream~heaven! Don’t forget the hot fudge. It’s medicinal.
    Feel better!


    1. Oh my, how could I have forgotten the fudge? Thank you for making me laugh. xo


  5. says:

    Am most unhappy that you have bronchitis as I know, from personal experience, it’s very hard to get rid of. You did a good job sneaking out for the moon shots. Love the kitties and the vivid daylily.


    1. You know what – you are so right about it being hard to get rid of. I am frequently hit by this crap, I’m not coughing as much as I normally do when I have it, but My chest/lungs hurt so bad – it is really scary. Any way this too shall pass and then I’ll be out sneaking around taking photos of gawd knows what. I will be passing through your area before too long, I will toot the horn as I pass. xo


  6. Anonymous says:

    Love your photos … they make us all SMILE! I hope the mint chocolate chip ice cream finds it way to you soon. I know from experience that it helps to get rid of bronchitis. Really, it does! Get well soon … Love you.


    1. Sharon Critzer says:

      Love your photos … they make us all SMILE! I hope the mint chocolate chip ice cream finds it way to you soon. I know from experience that it helps to get rid of bronchitis. Really, it does! Get well soon … Love you. Sharon


      1. Hi Sharon – I’m taking your advice, since you know this to be a medical fact and I am having a scoop um maybe two of ice cream ASAP. Love and hugs to you xok


  7. Debra says:

    Aw-I hope you will feel better soon!
    I LOVE your kitchen-and the table cloth/sheet looks way better unironed. Love those sheets!
    Love you too!


    1. Aw back at you Debra – and I love your love. xxoo k


  8. artsychicksw says:

    Gorgeous photos, as always! So sorry to hear you’ve been sick and hoping you are on the mend now (July 20th). I’ve missed a few of your posts as I’ve been busy making decorations for a special needs prom that my son is attending. It’s a first in our community, and a first for many developmentally disabled adults in our area as most didn’t attend their high school proms (my son went both years, stud/no date). And guess what I’m using for my torn fabric swags? In part, vintage sheets! I’m a lover of them, too. I’ve had to hunt around a bit for supplies since the colors are pink and purple and I had only so much of that in my fabric suitcase (also vintage). I’m also using ribbons, lace, old seam binding, yarns and fibers, fabrics, etc. It’s really a lot of fun, but hard on my back as each swag takes about two hours to make and that’s not counting the cutting and tearing of fabric. They are turning out very sweet, though. I’m on number 5 of 10 swags, then it’s on to other kinds of diy decorations! By the way, I also love the sunflower photos as well. Sunflowers are my daughter’s favorite flower. I love that you equate them with joy! Peace, and joy, to your heart


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