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mice on the stairs

I’m ready to make over my front hall and stair-case  I pulled some photos from Pinterest for inspiration. My there are some really creative people out there. Holy busy staircase! Believe it or not, I’ve been thinking of going with neutral tones on the wall and trim and a traditional black and white stair case.… Continue reading mice on the stairs

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garden of weeden

In the garden of weeden. It was a grey morning and the humidity hung thick in the air as I headed out to the big garden to sit and drink my morning coffee. I rather like the overcast mornings in the garden because the colors seem so vivid and saturated and the camera loves it… Continue reading garden of weeden

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orchard trip

Recently Mr. Cottage and I set out on a mission to get some fresh peaches. First Stop was Fruit Hill Orchard which is just a few miles away from home. This spring, Fruit Hill orchard built a new barn to house their store.  Each day I would drive by and take in the progress.  It was… Continue reading orchard trip

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I’ve been keeping my heart busy with projects.  They are all rocking some fringe. So in the words of the Junk Gypsies  – “If loving fringe is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” Yes, I’ve been a crafty sewing freak. This spring I scored a bit of vintage fabric at thrift shops and yard sales.… Continue reading fringe


the passing

Dear friends, I wanted to tell y’all that while I have been away from blogland, Mother Cottage passed away. Monday, was the first day since her passing that I had the day to be alone.  No Mr. Cottage by my side.  No family.  No friends.  Just alone. I needed that day.  A day to mourn… Continue reading the passing