mice on the stairs

I’m ready to make over my front hall and stair-case  I pulled some photos from Pinterest for inspiration.

My there are some really creative people out there.

stairs 1

stairs 2

stairs 3

Holy busy staircase!

stairs 12

stairs 8

stairs 10

Believe it or not, I’ve been thinking of going with neutral tones on the wall and trim and a traditional black and white stair case.

Kinda like this.

stairs 6

I bet my cats could arrange for me to have real mice on our stairs.

Of course they would be belly up, with their heads chewed off.

stairs 4

Wonder how all black would look?

stairs 7

stairs 11

Maybe a  faux runner?

stairs 9

stairs 5

stairs 14

stairs 13

Ooohh I’m liking this one, it feels really cottage appropriate.

Mr. Cottage and I are heading to the paint store for some ideas.

Do any of these inspire you?

See you later, Bye!


garden of weeden

In the garden of weeden.


It was a grey morning and the humidity hung thick in the air as I headed out to the big garden to sit and drink my morning coffee.

I rather like the overcast mornings in the garden because the colors seem so vivid and saturated and the camera loves it too.

weeden 3

As I head down the path my furry companions follow along.

betsy and tc

TC stops to wander through the garden and Betsy settles in at my feet.

weeden 2

Eventually That Cat jumps up on the bench next to me and hugs me with his paw.

weeden 9

As I sat there on the bench I thought back to this spring when

I planted a section of wildflower seeds.   This is where flowers and weeds would spring forth harmoniously and it would be ok.

Silly me, somehow I thought the weeds would remain contained to that one area.

wildflowers 7

wilflowers 8

wildflowers 3

wildflowers 1

wildflowers 5


Like a metaphor of life.

Sometimes the weeds take over, your path gets covered and plants pop up unexpectedly.

I find that if  I see and hear with my heart, I discover the beauty hidden among the weeds.

weeden 1


weeden 12

weeden 10

The birds,bees and other flying, crawling creatures certainly don’t mind that I have weeds.  So why should I?

tattered wings

weeden 4

The humming birds dart through the waist-high maze and find flowers to their liking.

weeden 5

weeden 7

weeden 8

weeden 6

weeden 11

Here is hoping you are finding some beauty hidden among the weeds.

See you later, bye!


orchard trip

Recently Mr. Cottage and I set out on a mission to get some fresh peaches.

First Stop was Fruit Hill Orchard which is just a few miles away from home.


This spring, Fruit Hill orchard built a new barn to house their store.

 Each day I would drive by and take in the progress.  It was so enjoyable to watch the progress and know that these people were fulfilling a dream.

I was looking forward to checking out the finished result.


grab and go





coke sign


fruit bins

They also sell vegetables, herbs and baked goods as well as jams and jelly.

outside bins

red wagon

rain bar

After we left, I realized I never took a photo of the building itself.  Geez, I must have been sniffing too many peaches!

Next stop was Carter Mountain Orchard, high atop the mountain.  Views in every direction of rolling hills, vineyards and apples and peaches.




apple branch


ginger gold


Awesome eye candy on this trip!

We brought home a big box of the best peaches.

Here are two recipes that rock those peaches and use basil which is quite plentiful in our garden at this time.

Peach, green bean and pickled onion salad.

Basil peach salsa.

See you later, Bye!



I’ve been keeping my heart busy with projects.  They are all rocking some fringe.

So in the words of the Junk Gypsies  – “If loving fringe is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

Yes, I’ve been a crafty sewing freak.

This spring I scored a bit of vintage fabric at thrift shops and yard sales.  Oh and all kinds of fringe too.

Boxes of it.

Oh Yeah!

I made a pair of curtains for the pool side bathroom door.


Mr. Cottage says I got the ’60’s thing going on here.

Several months ago, I bought a plain little stool at a local thrift shop.


Painted it one coat of Parisian Grey chalk paint, then a coat of  Grotto with a somewhat dry brush, so that the grey could still show.


Cut some foam to size.


Played with fabric choices.


Too plain, not the right color.


Nope. Right color, pattern didn’t feel right.


Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner.

More vintage fabric.


A pop of ball fringe and the completed project is ready to travel to Coral Cottage South.

I leave you with a few photos from last night.  Mr. Cottage and I were mesmerized by the full moon and feeling grateful to live amidst the beauty of the rolling hills of Virginia.

carysbrook moon

Barely there wispy clouds.

carysbrook moon2

On the other side of the driveway the sun slips behind the trees in a blazing ball of awesomeness.

carysbrook sunset

What projects have you been working on?  Do tell.

See you later, Bye!


the passing

Dear friends, I wanted to tell y’all that while I have been away from blogland, Mother Cottage passed away.

Scan 142170001

Monday, was the first day since her passing that I had the day to be alone.  No Mr. Cottage by my side.  No family.  No friends.  Just alone.

I needed that day.  A day to mourn in my quiet way without witness.

There were very few tears.  I’ve cried enough of them in the past few months and weeks and days to last, well until the next crying jag.

I had quiet time to feel the spirit and love of my mother.

I embraced all that is her – in me.

Scan 142110007

Yep, that’s mother cottage with me.

Yes, it is ironic, since I spent so many years rolling my eyes and sighing when someone mentioned, “you are just like your mother.”

There is an empty sadness in my heart that will be with me for the rest of my life.  Yes, I know that the days will get easier with time.

There is also a full happy heart for all that is and was my mother, and that will never go away either.

I’m not going to sugar coat this and tell you the last years with her were great, because they were not.

Alzheimer’s robbed her and our family of so much.

Father Cottage was completely dedicated to her.  My friend captured this photo a few years ago, of them walking hand in hand as they always did.

1-mom and dad

They had 60 years, and one month together.

Scan 142110053

My uncle passed away just before my mother, and while my father was  out-of-state attending his memorial I had a few days to spend with my mother getting to know her as a person.

Not as my mother.

  It was an eye-opening experience; an exercise in discovery and it made me weep with sadness and joy.  I will always treasure that time alone with her.

I painted her nails.


And played dress up with her in the most silly of hats that she used to wear many years ago.

We took selfies.


And she smiled her beautiful smile that had been lost in recent years behind a veil of fear and lost cloudy memories.

On this day she knew who I was and she responded lovingly towards me.

For a moment she remembered a song she sang to me when I was a child.

She had a beautiful singing voice and it all came back, ever so fleetingly.

In a blink of an eye, she was lost again in her own world.

It is healing to share with you my friends, the words I can’t speak in person because they catch in my throat and roll wet down my cheeks.

Many of you have been so kind and generous in sharing your memories and experiences of dealing with grief and coping with the loss of a loved one.

 I hope I can do the same for someone else at some point.

See you later, Bye!