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orchard trip

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Recently Mr. Cottage and I set out on a mission to get some fresh peaches.

First Stop was Fruit Hill Orchard which is just a few miles away from home.


This spring, Fruit Hill orchard built a new barn to house their store.

 Each day I would drive by and take in the progress.  It was so enjoyable to watch the progress and know that these people were fulfilling a dream.

I was looking forward to checking out the finished result.


grab and go





coke sign


fruit bins

They also sell vegetables, herbs and baked goods as well as jams and jelly.

outside bins

red wagon

rain bar

After we left, I realized I never took a photo of the building itself.  Geez, I must have been sniffing too many peaches!

Next stop was Carter Mountain Orchard, high atop the mountain.  Views in every direction of rolling hills, vineyards and apples and peaches.




apple branch


ginger gold


Awesome eye candy on this trip!

We brought home a big box of the best peaches.

Here are two recipes that rock those peaches and use basil which is quite plentiful in our garden at this time.

Peach, green bean and pickled onion salad.

Basil peach salsa.

See you later, Bye!


6 thoughts on “orchard trip

  1. JC says:

    Ahhh Fruit Hill looks so charming! What a beautiful store they have. Loved the wagons around the trees. The views from Carter’s are amazing. Your pics are great! I’m glad you two had a nice outing! My other half had a peach in his lunch each day. Said he believed they were some of the best he’s ever had!! Thanks my friend😊🍑. Peace- JC


    1. I had a good camera time. Fruit Hill, has charm ooozing out the cracks. I too loved the wagons at the ready under the trees. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying your peaches -‘cuz y’all are just peachy! xoxok


  2. says:

    Awesome eye candy, indeed! Loved all your photos.


    1. Thank you Linda – it was a good trip for the camera eyes and eyes to the soul.

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  3. Great pics. I actually went apple picking at Carter Mountain a couple of years ago, when our daughter lived in C’ville. Had our first local peaches over the weekend and they were super sweet. This has been a great summer for growing things.


  4. Debra says:

    What a wonderful looking store-and beautiful surroundings. I may try your basil and peach salsa-sounds yummy.


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