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hello fall

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

Hello fall; hello Y’all.

I’ve been away spiritually and physically.

Upon my arrival home, my heart was tickled with the creativeness of my friend and house sitter.

She knows it is one of my goals to raise my own chickens.  She typed up a mock building permit, dragged one of my concrete chickens over to the area I told her I wanted to build the coop.

chicken building permit

A good laugh is a great welcome back home.

Another lovely welcome back came from a neighbor that showed up with a bushel of Beauregard sweet potatoes and a basket full of string-beans.

sweet potatoes

 Mr. Cottage and I sat and snapped beans at the kitchen table the other night.  That brought back sweet memories of sitting on the porch with my grandmother, snapping and talking and listening to the moos carried in the wind from the cattle in the pasture.

I put up 5 quarts of beans that will sustain us through the next months.


The leaves are starting to turn color and fall as the last of the wildflowers hang on and dazzle with their simplicity.


Under the apple tree my favorite rusty chair calls for me to sit a spell.


As the season of change is upon us, I reflect on the knowledge that my life too is changing.  The Cottage family is embarking on a new journey.  It is scary, exciting full of unknowns and uncertainty.

I will share our life changes with you as the words find themselves and the journey unfolds.

I hope this new season finds you enjoying all the goodness life has to offer.

See you later, Bye!


9 thoughts on “hello fall

  1. Well, hey, Kim! Great to hear from you again. I hope your time away was refreshing to body and soul.


  2. Hey yourself! It was time needed that is for sure. Looking forward to catching up with you – hope you are well. xoxok


  3. Hi, Kim! So good to see you here, again…I’ve missed your presence!


    1. Thank you Kristin – I’ve missed talking with you and catching up. My soul needed a little time away. xok


  4. says:

    I love your housesitter! A woman after my own heart. Tell her I think she was very clever.


    1. She IS very clever. She always entertains us with her antics and welcome home surprises. Awesome lady.


  5. Been thinking of you and hope all is well, also looking forward to your new journey. If it’s in warmer climates, we may follow – lol!! 🙂


    1. Been thinking about you too. New journey has begun already…


  6. Prepper Farm says:

    The chicken coop build permit was nice. My wife and I keep talking about raising chickens. One of these days we’ll take the plunge.


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