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growing flowers dancing with chickens painting joy

Truth be told, my gypsy heart doesn’t wander too far from home.

It does, however crave change, no boundaries and open expression.

gypsy heart card 1

follow your gypsy heart note card by Night Bird Creations

As many of you guys know, I have been recovering from a cervical injury for the past year and half.  I’ve made great progress, but I am far from where I should be.

My team of doctors and physical therapist, placed me on a 30 minute limit at any time to any activity including creating my art.  That does not allow for me to get into my grove or to spiritually tap into the happy place that allows me to create.

There have been a lot of adjustments to my lifestyle and artless life.  I’ve enjoyed living vicariously through my artsy fartsy creative friends, both in the real world and on-line world.

 I have come to terms, (most days) with the fact that the kind of art I used to make, must change.

The passing of my mother in recent months has also left my heart empty and wanting.

I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to think about the direction my life is going and what the future will look like.  While I don’t have all the answers, I do know there are oh so many changes happening faster than I can put my finger on.

Some – maybe 15 years ago, I discovered a photographer/artist that hand colored her black and white photography.  I was awestruck with her work and have held on to the idea of some day exploring this media for myself.

Recently, I have found myself  fulfilling that promise and I am now working with both vintage images and my photography.  This is a process that I can happily work on for only a few minutes here and there, as it is a bit labor intensive.


hand tinting a vintage image with water-color and ink.

I use water-color, pencils, inks and dyes to transform images.  I then scan the image into my computer and begin a little digital manipulation to combine the two.

My sunflowers were of great enjoyment this year, as well as spending time photographing them so it seems only fitting that they are the first images I am working with.

queen of the sunflowers wm

hand tinted photography – queen of the sunflowers a note card  by nightbird creations

My heart says be brave, embrace the changes that are upon you and continue to dream…

Day 1 – October 8th our modern-day gypsy caravan arrives.


Almost 23 years of living at Coral Cottage – getting boxed up and ready to begin our next adventure.

You are invited on the journey.


Don’t forget to follow your heart.

See you later, Bye!


8 thoughts on “follow your gypsy heart

  1. Wait~ you’re moving??!
    I love what you are doing with your photography. I think this is a winner for you.


  2. says:

    WHAT???? You are silent the whole month of September and now we find you are headed out on a new adventure? Perhaps leaving Coral Cottage forever, for all we know? I don’t know what to make of this. Perhaps you are just coming south for the winter? You can’t leave us hanging on the cliff like this. We demand answers!


  3. Kim, thanks so much for sharing a glimpse of this new journey on which you are headed…I am eagerly waiting for more! And, I absolutely love the combination of photography and tinted vintage photos – so unique and captivating!


  4. Debra says:

    I also love what you are doing with your art talent-it’s fascinating and lovely…I’m so glad you have an outlet for creating!!!! But yes-you must tell us where you’re going!!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t realise you were moving too! I love your new direction with the vintage images. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. Sarah x


  6. Love the vintage art and best wishes on your new journey! ♥


  7. JC says:

    Kim the cards you’ve crested are so awesome! I love ’em! Keep creating! ✌️JC


  8. Winter Owls says:

    I hope your art brings much peace and happiness for you Kim xx


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