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All of y’all have been so awesome in joining along and commenting on the Cottage family adventures.

No, we aren’t moving.


 I told y’all my gypsy heart doesn’t wander far from home.

This is a story about a love affair – and the possibility of re-imagining my whole life.

My heart knew this was our forever home when we drove up the driveway for the first time all those years ago.

This place immediately spoke to my heart.  You either get this or you don’t.

  It was love for me because of the great big spruce tree beside the front porch.  Because of the tin roof, and the buildings on the property.

Because I always wanted to live on a farm.

With chickens, and cows and pigs.  Maybe it could be that place…

The years passed and we made this our home.  We decorated and painted and remodeled a bit.  Our home has had a lot of different looks.

Instead of chickens, cows and pigs we rescued cats and dogs.

Now our lives have changed.

The old tin roof has 80 years under her belt and now she is leaking.  We had an earthquake a few years ago that rocked our plaster walls into all kinds of crazy cracks and crumbles.

The chimney which runs through the middle of the house is collapsing and is no longer safe to use.  Which is a real bummer because we rely on our wood-stove for winter heat.

Coral Cottage is tired and needs major repairs.

roof with dormer

The recent passing of Mother Cottage has Father Cottage reflecting on his future.

 While he isn’t sure exactly what he wants, he does know that he doesn’t want to live in an assisted living facility when the time comes.

We have invited him to live with us here at Coral Cottage.

 But, we don’t have room for him.

We have come to the conclusion that since we must do major work to the house in order to take care of the has to be done things, we might as well do some of the things we always wanted to do such as putting on an addition.

 When Father Cottage decides he wants to come here, there will be room.

Really all this isn’t as easy as I’ve put it.

There are three lives that will be changed, not to mention the whole house make over that will be a complete pain in the you know what.

The roof will be removed, the chimney torn out, the plaster walls gutted, new windows to replace the old and an addition added.

On the positive side, I’m looking at this from the point of view that now I have the opportunity to re-imagine my life and my life-style.

Our old farm-house will get a face-lift and maybe in a way, get back to her roots.

Father Cottage will have a place where he will be welcome and cared for as needed.

We may have a few chickens in the yard.  Maybe a goat or two…

A new chapter.

If you had the opportunity to re-imagine your life – what would it look like?

See you later,



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19 thoughts on “re-imagining life

  1. The Old Lady That Lives at 3663 says:

    Exciting! Looking forward to following the journey.


    1. It is exciting and scary… hang on we are in for a ride. xok


  2. Oh Kim I just LOVE this post. My goodness have you got some changes coming but you’re right, it’s all about starting the new phase. We knew our house was going to be OUR house as soon as we entered the driveway as well. Although we’ve never seen it as our forever home, we just adored the old tattered home and all it’s charm. We knew we could take care of her and, in return, she would care for us as long as we lived here. A new state, a larger piece of property, and a small, charming home along with farm critters are definitely what we dream of and are working toward. The renovations will probably make you question, more than once, what you’ve gotten yourself into, but in the end, it will make for a wonderful home for you both, Father Cottage and all the potential critters who will enter into your lives and hearts. I can’t wait to see the adventure. 🙂 Hugs to you.


    1. Staci – that feeling of knowing a place is your home sweet home can’t be beat. I know you have been looking for a new adventure to call home and I look forward to the day when you say you have found the place. In the meantime, I keep relying on the information that you post and your experiences as a guide for hopefully realized chicken dreams. Oh and yes, we are already questioning what we are doing. Packing and discarding and downsizing and the first sledgehammer hasn’t even been swung yet. xok


  3. Lisa says:

    I’m very glad to hear that you aren’t moving. You have put so much into your gardens and your furry kiddos seem to enjoy it as much as you do.

    It sounds like you are planning more than just a facelift! But, it will be worth it in the end when you have a warm dry home for all those you hold dear. Sending lots of love and patience your way!


    1. Lisa we love our life and our home and making changes isn’t easy. I’m sure I am going to need to take you up on the patience for sure. It is however, very exciting to think about re-doing things we have dreamed about for a long time. xo k


  4. artsychicksw says:

    Life seems to always keep you and Mr. Cottage hopping…never a dull moment. That said, I do understand what a huge undertaking your plans are. Not only are you delving into major fixes and additions to your forever home, but you are also looking towards a change in the atmosphere and interactions with the future addition of your father-in-law. Not saying that it’s a bad thing at all, just that change (even good changes) is stressful and often difficult. I give you kudos for going with that big and loving heart of yours by inviting him into your home when the time comes. Such a gift that is for him, and probably in many ways for you, too. I think older generations often have so much to teach us. I pray for you and your hubby to have peace, patience and perseverance with the physical changes that will be happening to your home. I know those three things won’t always be there because I’ve always heard what a challenge any kind of reno or construction is, but may they be bountiful in you both. Peace to your heart


    1. My thank yous to you for putting into words many of thoughts that are running through my head. I pray for peace for all of our cottage family, and that this is the right thing for all. xo

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  5. Cool, Kim. I know it seems like your entire life is about to be put in a blender, but I love it that you live in your heart’s home. I’m looking forward to hearing about the journey of renewal going on there at Coral Cottage.


    1. Melissa – blender is so on target. I also think renewal is a lovely way of looking at all this change. xo


  6. Home is where the heart is, and I can see why your heart is settled there. I have lived my whole life in one house and I love it to pieces – its old bricks, its rickety windows, the floorboards that are worn smooth from countless pairs of feet and pitter-pattering paws. But one day, I hope I’ll find my forever home and get that same feeling in my heart that you got driving up that driveway. And I know I would do whatever was needed to stay there too. Good luck with everything!


    1. I believe too, that I feel the spirit of all the previous lives that have passed through these doors. I embrace every bit of the past and want to continue to honor that, and to continue to add our spirit and love. I hope you do find that special place that you know is your home and will love it with all your heart. xo


  7. Exciting times, Kim. Good luck with your renovations. I’m watching with interest…need to do a few things around our place, too. Hope you take lots of “before and afters.”


    1. Mary – this is such a long process we are in the hurry up and wait stage right now. However, there are of course going to be a lot of snaps. I’ve dreamed for so many years of updates, but now it just feels very overwhelming. xo


  8. Debra says:

    Hello! Having gone through some major changes ourselves last year with new roof, siding and replacement windows-I think I know a little of your feelings just now. It sure can be stressful-but now that we look back on all the work we had done-we love the new stuff, and the mess and noise and inconvenience of the construction is just a memory. We are so glad we did it all, and I know you will be too.
    You are a precious person Kim-it’s so wonderful opening your life and home to your dad.


    1. Debra, I read with such enjoyment as you posted your home makeover. I held my breath knowing our time would come and with that the excitement, fear and a lot of feelings that I can’t quite put my finger on. xo


  9. susan says:

    Hi Kim – I’m so excited for you on your journey to your next chapter. You are doing the right thing. I can tell how much you love your home and just think how much better it will be once everything is repaired and updated. It’s all going to be just wonderful.


    1. Susan, we do love this place we call home, and we do look forward to making some improvements and changes – and we are holding our breath just a little too.


  10. karen says:

    This sounds so exciting…and yes, it will be a ton of work and a pain in the ….. However, the rewards…endless. I did it here with this old farm house…it’s 107 years old, and I tried to save the basics of a home this old and I think I did a pretty good job…I love it. I too hope not to leave it anytime soon.


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