a week in cottage photos week 12/5-12/12

Around here it has been wet.  Which makes not only me but the fur babies go nuts.

I’ve done some decorating and sewing these rainy days.


That Cat says rainy weather makes him want to hang out under the tree.

 Me too, and sip hot cocoa.

The Singer has been purring non-stop while I work on making a few gifts.


The sun returned and brought the wind.


The tips of the Hemlock shimmer with rain at the foot of the driveway as my neighbors dash on by.


Early morning sunlight casts a glow on everything.


Betsy beagle and That Cat play chase around the tractor.


Opps the tire is flat.  “Let’s get out of here before we get blamed for it!”


My big sister came over and cooked a batch of the most awesome Thai ginger shrimp soup for our lunch.

Nothing like hot spicy soup to chase away the chills.



A week of good stuff, I hope yours has been the same.

See you later, Bye!


16 thoughts on “a week in cottage photos week 12/5-12/12

  1. Hi Kim! Sooooo Glad you had a GOOD week! Loved Buddyru looking in the window. With the candles and tree it’s picture perfect ! Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day! Warm and sunny. What a gift in December !


  2. Why is it when your sister cooks the good stuff, I don’t get invited. Loved the photo of the glimmering hemlocks with the horseback riders. They were even dressed up in horsey clothes! And you always think of taking photos that never occur to me. Sigh.


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