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Hey you guys, it’s been awhile.

Everybody and everything here at the cottage has been ka-put, wonky, torn-up, broken, or sick.


New Year’s day I made a batch of crock-pot beans – midway through the cooking, my year old crock-pot decided it didn’t feel like working.  At the same time, my curling iron went on strike, so I looked like the crazy lady with bad hair and half-cooked beans.

My sweet little computer crashed and has been in the shop getting a new hard drive.  We just picked it up yesterday, it still isn’t right.  I lost almost everything on it, including thousands of photos. Insert my very sad face here.

That’s enough whining.

Regular readers will recall that we are under going a whole house renovation and addition.

There has been non-stop land clearing and excavating since the first of the year.


Clearing for the drain field.



Digging the hole for the new septic tank.


The new septic tank is put in place.  The truck operator used a handheld device to unload the tank from the truck and put it in place.

 Very cool.







I can’t say enough good things about this excavation team, they are really top-notch.

As soon as the equipment is turned off and the workers leave That Cat comes out to inspect the work.







Out on the North 40, the blue birds are blissfully undisturbed by all the work being done.

This is the first time I’ve seen the birds go into the nesting box during winter.

 It has been bitterly cold, perhaps that is why.

There is a family of 6 living in this  house.



They inspired me to do a little needle work.


It has been raining all day, so the workers aren’t here.

The silence is blissful.

The mud is not.


12 thoughts on “Cottage photos January 1-11 excavation

  1. rebecca magee says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m exhausted looking at all your happenings. I certainly hope everything met with That Cat’s approval! Wishing you continued good progress!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Dearie – yep That Cat says he likes all the fresh dirt to scratch in! I’m thinking I need to take the vintage white popcorn blanket off my bed until all this work is done or else accept those red clay footprints as part of the new design. Love and hugs your way to you and yours.


  2. Carol says:

    Beautiful bluebirds, beautiful needlework, and one lucky cat!


    1. Hi Carol, thanks for popping in and saying such kind things. Yes indeed That Cat is one lucky cat for sure!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing to see how far you can dig into the ground. We live on rock and could never get a trench that deep.

    I love the bluebirds! We don’t have them here. Your pics are fantastic.


    1. Happy New Year, Lisa! They dug to about 4 feet deep for the trench and I guess deeper for the tank – in our lovely red Virginia clay. We do have rocks – mostly they show up in the garden! Wow – no bluebirds in your area, that would make me sad. Hugs!


  4. Sounds like you’ve been orbiting the Crooked Moon with all that craziness. Beautiful red clay! Did That Cat give his Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?


    1. HA HA HA I love that! The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval was given by That Cat!

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  5. Sarah says:

    Things always go wrong at once! It’s so interesting to see the building work and those lovely blue birds on the fence and on your tapestry! Sarah x


    1. Hi Sarah – things do always seem to go in pairs – or threes. I love those blue birds, I’ve nurtured them from afar ever since they were hatched this past spring. So honored to have them here on our little slice of paradise.


  6. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    Oh my… I feel your pain! So sorry about the loss of so many photos and things off your computer. Very sad face indeed. This post reminds me of a couple old adages: It never rains but it pours, and It has to get worse before it gets better. Here’s to things getting much better very soon. And That Cat is pretty darn adorable, just doing what cats do: inspect. And your needle work is outstanding! hugs, G


    1. Thanks Gina – I think things are getting better – except this computer needs to be taken for another trip to the repair shop.:( That Cat is adorable in a sweet devilish way! I love losing myself in the needlework.

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