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Is it too soon to start dreaming of a spring garden?

Or of seed catalogs and their incredible photography and lovely words casting a spell around a persons green thumb dreams?

I’ve got the fever for sure.  However, I don’t have any new seed catalogs.

So, thanks to  Pinterest and one of my boards, I’m enjoying the awesome graphics from these vintage catalogs.

vintage seed catalog 1894

Sweet Peas are one of my favorites, but I just can’t seem to grow them.

vintage seed catalog 1896

vintage burbee seeds 1884

On my some day list – I  have a fantasy of having a roadside stand at the edge of our property where I sell fresh eggs and flowers.

vintage seed catalog sunflower poultry

Sunflower and Poultry seed farm – this one is for me!

In my fantasy stand, the eggs would come from the chickens I don’t have, but will someday.

 Are y’all tired of hearing me talk about the chickens I don’t have?

Fresh flower bouquets anchored with oodles of sunny bright sunflowers.

I’ve asked Mr. Cottage to keep an eye out for an old tractor, or truck that I could convert into a road-side farm stand.

Or maybe an old fire truck like this.  Oh wouldn’t that be cool?

vintage firetruck

I absolutely fell head-over heels in love with Andrea Fowler and her mother farm girl Dori Troutman’s stand.

They have a sweet little blog just about their farm stand business.


farmfresh stand

Ahh a girl can dream can’t she.

We have a light dusting of snow and ice on the ground today – guess that has me dreaming of warm weather activities.

How about you – what do you plan to grow in your garden this spring?

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11 thoughts on “and a firetruck on the side please

  1. That all sounds so fabulous, and really, doable I think. I once worked for a landscaper who always grew a meadow of flowers. Guys would stop by at the end of the day and have me go out with scissors and twine and we’d make bouquets for them to take to their sweethearts. I loved that, I really did. And chickens,…. yes please! And an antique fire truck….


    1. Oh Melissa – what a lovely vision. My guy likes to surprise me every now and again with sweet little flowers. Sometimes I go to the local farm market and buy a little arrangement for myself. I wonder if I am just kidding myself with this idea – but what are dreams for! 🙂


      1. You can do it, Kim, I know you can! xx

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  2. LaDy says:

    Our garden this year will have cucumbers for sure, a tomato or two and I’m not sure about squash. As much as I love them, the bugs that I encounter are so frustrating for me that I don’t know if it’s worth it. I tried carrots last year but bitter they were. I’m enjoying my rosemary that I pick to add to various dishes during the winter.

    I like the idea of having my own chickens too! A cute little chicken coop out back and some fencing to allow for free range (as much as possible). Yes, I can dream too.


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    1. Oh yeah, cucumbers for sure! I think about snitching sweet peas from your garden and how much I enjoyed them. Knock on wood we haven’t had trouble with squash bugs – now having said that this will be the year. I wonder what makes carrots bitter? You can never go wrong with rosemary!
      Dreams are good – aren’t they?


  3. says:

    That red fahrtruck is to die for! Do you watch American Pickers on cable TV? I don’t have cable but Poppie does and I usually stay a bit after supper and watch TV with him. Not tired of hearing about your someday chickens. The last couple of veggie garden years have been awful here so I am discouraged.


    1. The truck really rings my bell! Yes to the pickers – it is one of our favorites and I have a fantasy about going on a pick with them some day. Then again, I’ve got enough junk in my ole buildings maybe they’d like to come pick our place! Our veggies haven’t set the world on fire either, but some how we keep trying. Now that we have more land cleared with sunshine, maybe things will produce better. – I’m going with that idea. xo


      1. says:

        I’ll admit to liking the picker show well enough that I’ve asked Dad if we could watch that instead of Wheel.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed all of your vintage signs! I live near Freeport, IL maybe someday I will run across the actual sign. I am so ready for spring! We just moved to 5 acres ,with a chicken coop and all! I can’t wait to get diggen in the dirt!

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    1. I love the graphics and the colors on all of them. Those chickens on that catalog from Freeport, make me swoon. Oh my, how exciting for you to have the land and the coop just waiting for spring and diggin’ Thanks for stopping by.


  5. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    Love it all! Plus now I am happily one of your followers on Pinterest too! As they say, sometimes it’s good to be a Follower. 🙂

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