fish in the sky I can fly

Do you see them?


Ice on the koi pond melted yesterday under the warmth of the brilliant sun.

The sky was a dazzling blue with wispy white clouds.

The reflection on the water was calm and mesmerizing.


The fish slowly swam by as though floating on the clouds.



My quiet reverie was broken by the sound of thundering feet.

Betsy Beagle zoomed past shouting

“Look at me Mom – I can fly!”


Even dogs have dreams.

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7 thoughts on “fish in the sky I can fly

    • I wanted to take a photo of the fish huddled around the warm de-icer, so I could share it with you, but all the ice had melted. Mr. Cottage and I were just saying the other day that we are amazed how our smallest cats with their tiny little feet can stomp them so loudly. I just wonder, we laugh so much at our fur babies – are they laughing at their humans just as much?


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