Lucy and Ethyl

So, how was y’alls week? We ended the last week with lovely mild temperature and lots of sunshine.  Oh what a difference a few days make. The wind is whipping and the temperatures are oh so cold.  Our power was on and off all night. Snow is expected tomorrow. I’m so glad I don’t live… Continue reading Lucy and Ethyl

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chicken dance

The big machines came back this week with a rumble. The inspector general engineer came to overlook the mountain of dirt and the catacombs below and gave his seal of approval. (BIG YAY) This week we also received an approval letter from the highway department for our second driveway. (yay again) So here at the… Continue reading chicken dance

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colored world

So, how was y’alls week? We had a mixed bag of weather again this week, nothing major – enough snow to be pretty, then it went away. Father Cottage had surgery this week, which he came through with flying colors. Earlier in the week, That Cat and I took a little walk in the snow.… Continue reading colored world