it’s a good story, so i’m sticking to it

What is good about being buried under a pile of snow?

The days are starting to get longer, and I know that spring isn’t far away.

Though we are covered in a blanket of snow and ice

I know that down below there are bulbs ever so slowly

making their way above the soil.

Soon we will be rewarded with beautiful blooms.

When I step outside, with snow-covered boots I hear

a song in the air from a thousand happy birds.


This past week we have gone through almost 70 pounds of birdseed.

Every one of those pounds has provided me with endless hours of entertainment.

This week as we endured frozen pipes and no electricity, I was grateful

that the frustratingly slow process of our house renovation is currently at a stand still.

I would hate to think how miserable it would have been, with walls torn out and a roof torn apart.


The fur babies and I wrapped up in layers of blankets and soaked in the sunshine through the window.


Betsy Beagle tried to figure out a way to get under the blankets on my lap.

Mr. Bonez reminded her she was a lowly dog and should remain in her bed on the floor.

I held all the cats and did some reading, but

mostly I sat in my chair and watched the bird activity through the windows.

Like watching Cornelius Crow through the foggy kitchen window as he tries to eat from the feeder,

that isn’t quite big enough for him.


The entire crow clan invites themselves to dine inside the chicken yard.


My story is that Lucy and Ethyl share their food willingly now,

knowing that their generosity will pay off in the future when

Cornelius and his family protect them from Mr. and Mrs. Hawk.

It’s a good story, so I’m sticking to it.


I hope you enjoy the view through my window as much as I did.

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17 thoughts on “it’s a good story, so i’m sticking to it

  1. Thanks for sharing your life through the window with us. You have such a lovely way at looking the good in life even when there is not so good stuff going on (like winter!). I appreciate you and all that you share, Kim. Peace to your heart

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    • Sara – thank you for your kindness. I know you know blogging isn’t always easy, for me. I’m really a very private person (ok introvert) so sharing my private world with people is scary and strange and good too, especially having people like you respond in a positive way. Thank you. xo kim

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    • Kristin – all animals friends deserve a name, at least in my book. Of course I may just be kooky that way. Doesn’t the snow show off the brilliant color of the cardinals! What an amazing gift from nature. xo kim


  2. Brr it does sound cold with you. I’m glad the animals are keeping you entertained. I have been catching up on your house renovations too! Sarah x


  3. Adorable story. I’d stick with it too! Can’t wait for the first glimpses of Spring. It’s feeling so far away right now. Sorry to hear about the loss of electricity and frozen pipes. That sure does stink, but it sounds like you’ve made the best of it.


  4. Loved this post! It has me smiling!!!Loved the slide show, and your drawing. I don’t think it’s naïve, either! I love it! And it could very well be true that Cornelius will chase hawks away. I love your crow, and wish he’d send his cousins here. We do have them of course, but not as tame as yours! Stay warm and safe dear friend!

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    • Hi Debra – thanks for stopping by and for mentioning my drawing – I slip those in from time to time – as they make me happy. Cornelius is quite entertaining I must admit. I realize there are those that think it crazy to encourage the crows. I have to go with what my heart tells me. xo kim


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