Baby Clucks

Hi Ya’ll, how was your week?

This week, the snow slowly melted away – hooray!

 The frog peepers came out and are quite deafening in their song and I saw my first bat swooping and diving; surely spring is on the way.


Yesterday we added to our flock – meet our newest clucks.

4 Barred Rocks, and 2 Buff Brahama Bantams.

Father Cottage told me that growing up on the farm, his family had Barred Rocks, so I  kind of feel like I am carrying on a family tradition.


Oh my a face only a momma could love! The one on the left, was hatched February 14th, and the one on the right January 31st.   The two bantams, were hatched approximately February 7th.  Sadly one of my bantams did not make it through the night; Mr. Cottage buried it first thing this morning.



Lucy meets the new chicks.

Miss Lucy has her chicken feathers in a bunch and spent all day Saturday clucking and huffing and carrying on.  Oh my what a scene she caused.  Who knew chickens could be jealous?  Late in the afternoon, I went out to check on the new arrivals, Lucy followed me.  She began clucking and fusing up a storm as she stepped inside the coop and over to the cage where the peeps are, and one of those little chicks took a swipe at her and well, please feel free to laugh out loud.

Have a good week!


mantras, pasta wars and cute villains

The sky is grey; a dreary unpleasant grey.

Freezing rain and sleet are falling.

Happy first day of March!


My friend sent this to me and it made me smile so I’m sharing it with y’all.

mantras from justine

I agree with all of these, but know in my heart that when it comes to practicing it in  real life, sometimes I fall short.


This week we had another 8 inches of snow, the never-ending winter is upon us.


Pretty isn’t it? – Now go away!



I made a snow break and went to the big city and got a new hair cut.  Afterwards while shopping at the grocery store a lady complimented me on my pretty hair.  That was really nice, it only took a few seconds for her to make me feel good.

 I think I’ll pass it along.



I also went to the feed store where I had to fight really hard to keep from coming home with a dozen of those adorable cute peeping chicks and ducklings.  Oh my that was hard.  I watched with complete unhidden envy as a young woman had her order of ducks boxed up.  I followed her out of the store and through the parking lot; listening to the peeps coming from the box that she carried.  I’m sure she thought I was a stalker until she realized it just happened that we were parked near each other.


I’m still a chicken keeper in training.

I’ve been reading about all the left-over kitchen scraps that chickens love to eat.

I’ve had no such luck.  Our girls apparently are finicky.

However, we had angel hair pasta the other night and I took a few leftover noodles out to them and the pasta war broke out.



They took turns slurping up the noodley goodness, until Ethyl reached over and grabbed the rest if the big old blob and then the fighting broke out.


Eventually they each grabbed an end and ate their way to the middle.


In a matter of seconds it was all gone and that was that.


Yesterday after lunch I stood at the kitchen sink cleaning up and looking out to the chicken yard, when I realized there was a great big villain (raccoon) eating out of the girls feeder.

Complete panic kicked in.  Mr. Cottage ran out and chased the intruder away.  He went up a tree that hangs over the coop.  The raccoon – not Mr. Cottage.

For the next few hours, I kept an eye on Mr. Raccoon, through the kitchen window as he slowly made his way down the tree and back into the chicken yard.

Mr. Cottage went out after him again, but Mr. Raccoon gave him the slip.



Oh my, isn’t that face adorable?


There isn’t a lot more we can do at this time to keep the girls safe.  We have to wait until the weather clears a bit, then we will be able to build a safer coop yard.  We knew the issue of predators would come up, it is part of living in the country and part of being chicken keepers.  Mr. Cottage isn’t a hunter, and I don’t like to kill anything.  But we have an obligation to our flock to keep them safe.

Mr. Cottage has looked into some firearms.


What have y’all been up to this week?

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