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goodbye betsy

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

Not the best of weeks.

It wouldn’t seem right if I didn’t share with you that our hearts are broken over the loss of our Betsy Beagle, she went to heaven on Monday.

I’m not going to tell you she was the greatest dog in the world, because she was not;  actually she was a pain in the ass from the very first day she adopted us until the last.  We can’t actually remember how long she has been with us, but at least 15 years, I would say.

 And we miss her horribly.

It breaks my heart every time I go into my office and look at my screen saver, seems every other photo is of Betsy.  Here are a few of my favorites I took in her last days with us.  Many of the photos she is with That Cat, Betsy wouldn’t get along with most of the other animals we had over the years, but she really loved That Cat and followed him everywhere.

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Mr. Cottage pointed out that for the first time in the thirty years we have been together, we are dogless.

 It feels very lonely.



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30 thoughts on “goodbye betsy

  1. LaDy3 says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. So difficult.


    1. Yes, it is difficult. I know time will help. xo k


  2. Lisa says:

    So sorry for your loss, Kim. Our four legged friends certainly have a way of taking over our hearts. I know she will be missed.


    1. Lisa, they do take our hearts don’t they. I’m constantly catching myself looking for her, waiting for her to come running with her big goofy smile. I do miss her. xo k


  3. Anonymous says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss, Kim. Our beagle was the most infuriating animal and yet, we loved him like crazy. Sending love and hugs your way. Such a hard thing, no matter what age they are when they leave us.
    Mary C.


    1. Yes, Mary, infuriating would be a good way to describe Betsy, and yes we miss her like crazy. xo k


  4. Oh, Kim, I am so sorry.


    1. Melissa I’m sorry too. 😦 xok


  5. says:

    I hope your hearts will heal faster than mine did when my beloved Snowshoe Siamese crossed over in 2006. It was 6 years before I took in two strays that showed up. Our critter friends are such a joy. Hope you are not dogless for too long. Lost my Poppie unexpectedly 2/28/15 and just can’t blog right now.


    1. Oh Linda it is a painful time for both of us. I’m so sorry for your loss, I will be in touch. xo k


  6. artsychicksw says:

    It is so hard to say goodbye to the animal members of our family when they die because they have been such a constant in our lives and typically give us unconditional love. I am sorry you are experiencing this right now. And it is one more change among the many you are going through now. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Peace to your heart


    1. Sara – I’m sure that this pain shall pass. I have to wonder, why it seems I am being tested so much these last few months/years. I guess it isn’t mine to question. I’m sending hugs and healing thought to you and yours. xo k

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      1. artsychicksw says:

        Kim, I understand your thought that it isn’t yours to question, however, since I’ve been there myself I have a few thoughts. I don’t know what your spiritual or religious beliefs are and don’t need to, but when I was feeling piled upon and kind of berating myself for questioning I remembered the story of Job in the Bible. Now that man received major “testing”! The thing is this: he talked to God, ranted to him, pleaded with him and questioned him. It seems it was through this questioning that Job was able to come to a point of faith. If you don’t know, Job was gifted much by God in the end. I tend to now believe that the questioning can important to our process. It certainly helped bring me to a place of faith in God’s plan for my life’s journey. And I have been richly blessed by going through the immensely difficult times in my life….by significant personal growth. In fact, I would change absolutely nothing in my life if given the chance. It has all helped to shape me

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      2. artsychicksw says:

        Oops…I accidentally hit “send” in the middle of a sentence! Please read the other comment first so it all makes sense. 😉
        As I was saying….It has all helped shape me into the woman I am today. I am so grateful for that growth and I like me pretty darn well. This doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle in difficult times, because I do. But, I also have that underlying faith that everything *will* be okay in the end, and that is HUGE for me.
        I would say that you are probably in the midst of a time of great personal growth. It’s like being “cooked”…a bit of prep work with spices and seasonings and ingredients, then into the oven where it is uncomfortable, hot, even painful…but, when you come out you are different. All those different seasonings and such have enhanced what you were before. Kind of a weird analogy, I guess.
        Sorry that I tend to go on and on in my responses sometimes…I just want to offer what I have and what I know. Please take care of yourself. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Peace to your heart ❤


  7. JC says:

    Oh Kim , my heart is sad for you . Tears were streaming down my face looking at Betsy’s
    pictures. Their little paws just grab our hearts!🐾❤️ It hurts so bad! And dammit we turn around and do it again…….. Well we haven’t yet , but I know we will! Hugs to you and Charles.
    Y’all gave her a great home all these years!


    1. JC – maybe we will get our puppies at the same time and raise them together and swap puppy stories – those little heart stealers. I have a few more tears to shed yet and a lump in my throat. You know how it is. xo k


  8. Oh, I am so sorry to hear of Betsy’s passing, Kim! I can just see the kindness in her eyes…know you miss her presence here with you. Sending prayers and hugs during this sad time.


    1. Thank you Kristin – that photo of Betsy with Lucy the chicken really has the soulful eyes. Thanks for thinking of us. xo k


  9. So sorry Kim 😦


    1. Thank you Caroline. Pooh! 😦


  10. Debra says:

    I’m sorry dear one-I so hate that pain and awful gut feeling of losing animals friends! It’s horrible. We are dogless too. I guess that’s why I was watching Cesar Millan’s show so much-it made me feel like we still had a dog…silly, I know it. It’s been about a year and 5 months for us without our girl-we just can’t do it yet. I dream about it though-and I still look for her, and still cry sometimes. God bless you sweet friend…


    1. Debra – Isn’t funny how we look for them, and feel their little spirits around us after they leave? I know there will be other furry loves later, when the time is right. I catch myself with an errant tear when I least expect it. xo k


  11. Sarah says:

    Oh Kim so sorry to hear of your loss. As you know having recently been through this too, I can appreciate how you are feeling. It is the quietness and emptiness that I found so hard to bear. Sarah x


    1. Sarah – I have house full of little furry souls, but somehow when we lose one it just feels so lonely and empty -each and everyone of them is special in their own way. I know it hasn’t been that long since you lost your baby – but oh Tavi is so delightful. xo k


  12. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    Oh Kim…. so sad. My heart goes out to you over your beloved little ‘pain in the ass’. Sorry but that made me smile thru the tears, since my recently departed Nikki-girl was an awful pain at times, and like you guys, I miss her terribly. Wonderful photos! I still have to get around to doing a tribute to the three 4-legged kids we lost last year. I just might be up for it. Almost. Sending you hugs full of compassion and love. xo Gina


  13. So sorry to hear this Kim 😦 Our furry friends provide so much happiness, laughter, and love while they are with us (even if they can be oh-so annoying at times). It’s heartbreaking when they’re gone. Your photos of Betsy are really beautiful x


    1. Thank you Pippin – we enjoyed our time with her, no matter the not so good moments. It is amazing what love and happiness a furry soul brings to your heart and what sadness can be felt when they leave us. xo k


  14. Thank you for your kind words, and I join all your followers in wishing you healing and peace of heart and mind.

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  15. Donna Lam says:

    I’m just catching up on everything. I’m a little late, but I’m so sorry! I know how much you must miss sweet Betsy.


    1. Thank you Donna. It is hard to have a furry baby pass on, I know you understand. xo kim


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