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Happy Easter Y’all!

The Easter Bunny was good to us, he didn’t bring any chocolate; he brought us something better.

Without further ado, meet Boo and Precious.


boo and p-1

boo and precious-1


Hi y’all my name is Boo, I’ve been through a lot of bad stuff and I’m a little scared, but Mr. and Mrs. Cottage are trying to make it better.


My name is Precious and I’m old as dirt and I’ve seen some bad times, but I think I’m gonna love my new people.

Boo and Precious are senior dogs that animal control brought in to the local shelter.  Their previous owner surrendered them.

The shelter wanted to make sure they stayed together, because they are best friends, and they only had each other to get through the bad times.

So, it was a done deal, I had a twofer, they came to The Cottage to live on Thursday.

Next week they go to the vet for a check up and grooming.  They have already had a lot of medical care while at the shelter.  Precious in particular has health issues, and she may not have long in this world, but we are going to make it as good as it can be for her.

precious 1

She likes holding  Mr. Cottage.

Boo would like to be held too, but he is too big so he gets snuggles on the floor.

boo 2

Boo’s favorite toy is this hedgehog.

They both got lots of new toys and collars and leashes and beds and bandanas and treats from their aunt – oh my what spoiled doggies.   They are overwhelmed by all the new things in their lives.  Boo smiled at me for the first time yesterday.  I think it is going to be alright.

oh and about those names, yeah they came with them and it is going to take a while for me to adjust to them.  I love Boo’s name, but I have to admit, I’m not too much for going around calling “Precious”  – so not me.   A couple of my girlfriends have been thinking of a new name for her.  Any suggestions?

It’s such a happy Easter at The Cottage, hope yours is too.

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23 thoughts on “rescue dogs come to the cottage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kim, so glad to see you have rescued some new pups. They are so lucky to have found you and Mr. Cottage to give them a wonderful retirement. It won’t be long until they feel safe and are treating you like the heroes you are!

    When we adopted Lulu, her shelter name was Scooby Doo – which did not fit her at all (not a boy and not a Great Dane)! Mr. Tabby just kept calling out names until she perked up. When he got to Lulu, she got excited. So, Lulu it is.


  2. Lisa Stamper Meyer says:

    That last comment was from me…

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    1. Lisa – I love Lulu’s story. I’m sure Precious is just that, and I know it is all about her, but.. I’m sure there is a good compromise there somewhere. Happy us with our two old dogs.s xo Kim


  3. artsychicksw says:

    Happy Easter to you and Mr. Cottage! What a lovely thing for you to do in adopting this pair of friends. It must be hard to adopt a dog knowing that she doesn’t have a lot of life left…especially after recently losing a dear pet. But, I can see why they needed to be adopted together…two of our three dogs are fairly close in age (11 and 8) and have always been together. Our three year old Boxer will have a very difficult time when each departs this earth. I would never even consider separating any of them.
    All that said, your dogs look adorable in their bandanas! And they look like they are happy and settling in quite well. I had to laugh when you said Boo was too big to be held because our boxer, who is a pretty big boxer, by the way, loves to climb up on our laps and curl up small enough to kind of “fit”. We let him do that only occasionally. But boxers love to sit and lay all over each other and their people, so Rosco sleeps with me and loves to snuggle up. Most of the time he is relegated to the end of the bed (thank goodness I have an XL twin adjustable for my back/pain), but even at that we are snuggling! I have to admit that most of the time I love to snuggle with him, too. I prefer snuggling with my hubby, though! 😉 Peace to your heart, Sara


    1. Sara – I’m glad they are together. I certainly shouldn’t have taken on any more responsibilities, however I did and that is that. They do seem to be settling in well. I would hold Boo, like you do your big boxer, if I wasn’t hurt so badly and unable to lift him. Maybe in time. Give your hubby a hug. xo Kim

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      1. artsychicksw says:

        I’ll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers since it sounds like your life is still pretty darn challenging right now. Hugs from the Midwest and Peace to your heart, Sara

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  4. hollyolinger says:

    Peanut. That’s my vote.

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    1. We are liking peanut and giving that a whirl. We call Precious Peanut, and hopefully she will get used to that, and then we can drop the precious with time.


  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Kim, It is so lovely to see your new arrivals and so much better than chocolate! They will have such a wonderful home with you too, hope they are settling in well an will gain in confidence day by day. Sarah x

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    1. Hi Sarah – I’m so happy they have chosen me to be their new human. We are all adjusting quite well. xo Kim


  6. LaDy says:

    What a wonderful Easter homecoming for those two and for you and Mr. Cottage as well. Enjoy all that life has to offer.


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    1. LaDy – it is a wonderful homecoming. We are all snuggly happy and settling in well. Happy Easter to you and yours. xo Kim


  7. Debra says:

    For some odd reason, the name PeeWilly came to my mind. I was trying to think of names that begin with a P, and that just popped. I think they are both adorable and YOU and your hubby are Precious to be their new parents.
    Love, Debra

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    1. Debra – I think Boo is really PeeWilly, ‘cuz he always has to go! We know we have a good life and are very fortunate to be able to share it with our furry friends. XOXO Kim


  8. Caroline says:

    That is so sweet and some lucky dogs to have a home with you guys. Happy Easter to you and Charles and all the fur/feather babies! 🙂

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    1. Hi Caroline – Happy Easter to you and Phil – hope it was a good one. We have a good life and it is even better now that we have more fur in it! xo Kim


  9. Mary says:

    What a happy post. Bless you for taking in this sweet pair, especially knowing “Precious” may not have much time. Glad to know that she will be loved and cared for from here on. Scout and Nigel are both rescue dogs and we don’t anticipate having any other kind from here on. Thank you.
    Mary C.


    1. Boo and Precious – aka Peanut send their tail waggin hugs to Scout and Nigel. Maybe I could dress them as fine as you do! xo Kim


  10. that’s wonderful, Kim! I’m glad you and the doggies found each other. Having a dog smile at you makes the world sing, doesn’t it?


    1. Yes, it does, doesn’t it Melissa 🙂 xo kim

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  11. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    Kim, you and your your ‘Mr Cottage’ melt my heart. You are like angels on earth, bringing these 2 sweethearts home. It nearly breaks my heart that anyone would surrender senior (or any age) dogs… so thank heavens there are ‘Earth Angels’ like you to bring home this pair of lovely old friends. You are an inspiration!


    1. We do not know these sweet doggies whole story – but it must have been less than good for their owner to have surrendered them. So sad, but there is that in this world, isn’t there. We are honored to try to make their lives better – it makes us better too. Thank you for your kind support. xo Kim


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