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We had just come in from working out in the yard.  I started making dinner, mixed myself an evening cocktail grabbed a handful of nuts and sat down to relax for a minute.  I looked out the window and saw the shepherds hook go crashing to the ground.

bear 1

I jumped up screamed BEAR! I can’t really explain why, but I threw my handful of nuts into the air – they went flying like confetti in every direction.  You’d think with all that drama Mr. Cottage would at least get up out of the recliner.

You’d think wrong.

His response was “what in the world are you talking about?”

I grabbed my camera, and took these photos through the cat door.

bear 2

bear 3

About this time Mr. Cottage steps outside the door and starts  yelling and banging together pots and pans.

bear 4

bear 5

The bear ran about four steps,  seemingly unfazed moseyed over to another pole with a feeder and WHACK!  He took that one down and proceeded to sit next to the picnic tables and have his own private picnic.

bear 6

bear 7

bear 8

It took a few warning shots from a 22 to get him to leave.  We have been having trouble with a bear coming in the night the past month or two.  I bring the bird seed in at night and make sure everything is secured.  I never expected he would show up in daylight, and then not be afraid when we yelled and banged the pots and pans together.

We called game control, they don’t work weekends.

We spent the rest of the weekend looking over our shoulders while we worked in the yard.  Isn’t he/she scary amazing?

What an exciting weekend.  How was yours?

 xo Kim

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12 thoughts on “flying nuts and black bears

  1. Lisa says:

    Omg! At least you got some good pictures!

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    1. Lisa – In my excitement I forgot to check my camera settings, I just started snapping – pure luck they turned out okay.


  2. LaDy3 says:

    Great pics! And, what a great idea of getting down at the cat door to get the pictures. I saw a fox this weekend but it was dead. Nothing as exciting as the bear or Mr. Cottage banging pots and pans together, or your nuts flying in the air like confetti.


    1. Ah poor fox. Yeah boy we got banging pans, flying nuts and bears, never know what is next. hugs


  3. Debra says:

    Your blog is just what I needed this morning! I’m still giggling over your nuts being thrown in the air and you taking pictures out the cat door! What a crazy wonderful place you have! I loved the previous post too, with all the chicken supervision and the doggies having fun with the fish.
    The bear is scary-we’ve heard of them being around here, but so far I’ve only seen one from the comfort and safety of my car…..
    Glad you are felling better and moving forward with therapy (is that spelled right?)-it’s so good to have you back posting again….

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    1. Hi Debra – It makes my heart very happy to have you say my blog brings you happy. We do have a crazy wonderful place, or at least we think so – isn’t that what matters. Getting stronger every day. xo


  4. says:


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  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Kim, What an unexpected visitor, had to smile at the cocktail and nuts! You took some amazing pictures of it! Sarah x


    1. Hi Sarah – I’m still finding those nuts in odd places – LOL! I don’t know my camera is always the first thing I think to grab! xo k


  6. Nancy Wolff says:

    Great post! So glad you shared it on Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop. As one of the co-hosts I’m going to feature your post tomorrow! Hope you come back and share another post with us!
    – Nancy
    Nancy On The Home Front


    1. Hi Nancy – that is awesome cool – thank you. Best, Kim


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