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sunflower garden

Late summer brings long anticipated blooms from the sunflowers.

Our days have been full with so many projects.

I hope these summer months have been good and kind to your soul.

xo Kim

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  1. LaDy says:



  2. Becky says:

    Lovely!! As busy as you’ve been with all of your projects, I hope you have found some peace this summer, as well!

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    1. Becky – I find little patches here and there and take them to heart to cherish. Ocean waves in my future will certainly do the trick. Hugs to you. xo


  3. That close-up of the bee and the sunflower is divine.


    1. Linda – you are divine for saying so! Sadly we don’t have as many bees as in the past, but the ones we have love love love the sunflowers, as much as I do. xo


      1. Are you going to save the sunflower seeds for the birds?


      2. Last year the birds got all the seeds. This year I thought perhaps I would try to save a few to plant next spring. However, the birds are gobbling them up so quick I don’t think I’ll get any.


  4. Debra says:

    So good to read a post by you again! I’ve been looking at your gorgeous photos-and your art again too….love it all!


    1. Debra – you always make my heart so happy when you pop in and leave a message. Thank you. xo


  5. Lisa says:

    It is so good to hear from you! I have been wondering how you and the furry/feathered friends have been doing this summer. Your sunflowers look great! I wish our garden was as green.


    1. Hello Lisa – our feathered, finned and furry family is growing and happy. It has been a very busy summer. The sunflowers make me beyond happy. Sending you hugs. xo


  6. Sarah says:

    Hi Kim, Your border looks fantastic with that amazing display of sunflowers. Hope all your projects are processing well! Sarah x


    1. Hi Sarah – thank you for commenting on the border. Sunflower joy as I call it, so simple yet makes me beyond happy. Hugs xo


  7. Winter Owls says:

    You are such an amazing gardener Kim, your garden is a blaze of stunning colour!


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